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Thaddeus McCotter is about to liven up the republican presidential race with his dry sense of humor, astute intelligence, and massive vocabulary.  I personally have not done enough research on Mr. McCotter to know if he is a dyed-in-the-wool Constitutional conservative, a globalist, a social conservative, or a RINO, but we will all be finding out more about this guitar playing, Led Zeppelin quoting, able to verbally ‘grind Obama to porch’ speaker in the near future.

Thaddeus McCotter and Gov. Huckabee Discussing Debt Ceiling & 2012 Elections (6.25.2011)

Rep. McCotter voted ‘No’ on Tarp, Porkulus, Omnibus Appropriations, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank Financial Reform, and ‘Yes’ on the Auto Bailout (as I believe his constituents probably wanted him to), the Serve America Act and the Credit Card Accountability Act.

McCotter Floor Remarks on Obama: So this is what change looks like…(3.23.2010)

Who Is Thaddeus McCotter?

P.S. I will be greatly saddened if I learn that Rep. McCotter wants to drag out all the divisive and distracting arguments about gays, abortion, and weed whilst we are at the crossroads of losing our liberties to the elitist banking cartel and the globalists. NONE of those issues are a federal matter; they are under the states’ pervue.

My personal favorite speech from Rep. McCotter; CPAC 2010

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