Ron Paul Is So Fringe For Wanting To Legalize Freedom

Matt Lauer tried to belittle and marginalize Dr. Ron Paul for some of his Constitutional views, but the good doctor wasn’t having any of it.

I want to legalize freedom; what’s so bad about that? What’s wrong with legalizing choices about your life, your liberty, and your religious values? What’s wrong with, like, legalizing the Constitution. I can defend everything I do by the Constitution, so why can you turn that around and say, ‘everything he is doing is nuts and crazy’.

Oh, and I did comment months ago that the only way the establishment was going to be able to go after Ron Paul and paint him as unelectable (with his platform) was due to his age. Matt confirmed my theory. The globalists and their media minions are so predictable.

By Logistics Monster

One Comment

  • Fringe, indeed. Every bit as fringe as the founders of this once-relevant nation.

    Detractors of Dr. Paul are extraordinarily . . . actually it’s not extraordinary any more . . . they are commonly transparent in their malice and factual ignorance.

    Dr. Paul is articulate in what he says. He is hip. Hipper than the Left would care to think. Historically he is right on and always has been.

    That scares the hell out of the dregs of America.

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