Forgotten Memo To America: The Police Have Become The Gestapo

Find the image disturbing?  You should; the police started going sideways over a decade ago and now we have the police state in it’s last stage of formation.

On May 12th in the 19th Ward, Rochester, New York, a young woman is arrested for videotaping police during a traffic stop in front of her home.  She was on her property and because she “chose” not to listen to police orders to go inside her house, she was arrested.  American taxpayers are going to see a huge increase in property taxes and state taxes to pay off the legal settlements for the gestapo running around willy-nilly as more and more of this is going to be caught on tape.  The globalists screwed up by rushing the time table and didn’t wait for the last un-programmed generation to die off…Wait until you hear the young woman on the tape wondering why she is being arrested in her own front yard for video taping the police during a traffic stop. Their reasoning? They don’t feel safe with her behind them; all of 115 pounds and maybe 5’6″.  According to the police, the reason for the arrest?

“It doesn’t matter; you’re not listening to our orders.”

Police Arrest Woman for Videotaping Them in her Front Yard

I want to know which one of the morons running the federal government forgot to send the memo to the American public letting them know that the militarized police can do whatever they want no matter what the law states? Hmm? Hmm? Which one of you a**clowns dropped the ball? Twenty minutes WOO for you! And when are the police that still have their heads screwed on straight going to stand up and Knock It Off?

By Logistics Monster


  • How great it is to see these great big ol’ asshats with their great big ol’ guns and great big ol’ nightsticks and great big ol’ pepper spray cans and handcuffs and instant radio connections for backup!

    Each of the three testicle deficient crybabies SHOULD feel unsafe! What wimps, and what a travesty each of those insults to free Americans represent. Total insults.

    With a whole lotta luck in this crumbled nation that lady may win in court and, if she does, penalties should not come out of city budgets or city insurance policies. Penalties should come out of personal finances, benefits, retirement funds, real estate holdings, and other personal valuables of each of the gestapo swine who were involved.

    Other than that I think they did a courageous and commendable thing in addressing the risk posed by the lady involved.


    • bogi666 -

      The translation to German for Homeland Security is Gestapo. With 1 million DHS operatives at 10,000 locations nationwide the necessary forces are in place to suppress, repress any and all opposition to the Fascist Corporate Empire of the USG.

  • The problem with law enforcement today is that now they have added to the definition of probable cause that if they have a hunch or gut feeling and they find something it self fulfilling probable cause giving them the right to make an arrest. They are becoming the gestapo and can do what ever they please. We need to take control as the public because they work for us as public servents.

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