Ron Paul has won the straw poll at the RLC this weekend (yet again), but is being glossed over by the globalists’ pick, Rick Perry.

Ron Paul’s entire speech covering numerous points and is, once again, right on the money.

  • The loss of our civil liberties under a totalitarian government; including, but not limited to, raw milk.
  • The bubble that the Federal Reserve created and the $5 Trillion they printed to bailout their friends (including 1/3 going to foreign banks).
  • America’s disastrous foreign policy that is bankrupting us with numerous wars and  servicing over 900 bases throughout the world.
  • How China is kicking our butts financially BECAUSE they don’t have the same foreign policy we do.
  • How we no longer really own our land; being rentors because of property taxes and regulations including the United Nations.
  • Removing the United States from the UN, World Bank, and IMF.
  • The irrational prohibition of hemp production.
  • The economic slump America has been in for the last decade, how it’s been ‘handled’ by more and more handouts, and the hyper-inflation that is occurring as the Fed liquidates our debt.
  • The trillion dollars in investment money that is sitting overseas because of a repatriation tax.
  • How the executive branch and the judicial branch should not be writing law through regulations.
  • Your rights come from your God, not your government.

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