Gerald Celente, 6.15.2011: “Collapse, Are You Ready?”

Gerald Celente (completely wound up) on the Jeff Rense show, 6.15.2011, speaking about the latest ‘Trend Alert’ they have issued: “Collapse, Are You Ready? It’s Coming”.  Mr. Celente speaks about the 48% of the population that thinks we are trending toward the depression we are already in, how we have lost our self respect, how the police aren’t there to protect us, and how we better be ready to fight to make it through what is coming.  Mr. Rense also plays a George Carlin clip (starting at 13:30) explaining why our country is so screwed up and why it won’t ever be fixed; you guessed it; we are all corporate owned moos being bled dry…

By Logistics Monster


  • Gerald has a plan and a good one at that I might add! He calls us to fight. Why run or move to another country when the same villains are running the whole show? The people-we the people-need to follow Iceland’s example and not cower down to our politicians any longer. We need to use our right to vote and take back our freedom before they win. Ready, ok! Let’s stand up for ourselves.

    • Janet – voting them out does no good – look at what is happening with the debt ceiling and Libya…they are rolling over. I think our best chance is the ‘Nullify’ movement started by the TenthAmendmentCenter. Change the state legislatures to people who just don’t enact federal laws that are globalist backed. Make sense?

      We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Scanners!

      NOTE: The following remarks are based off a speech given at the Ban the Scan rally in New York City on June 10, 2011.

      Question…if the federal government passed a law, in direct violation of the first amendment, that required you to participate in a particular religious service every Friday night, would you sit quietly and obey? Or, would you refuse to submit?

      And, if the state of California passed a law not only denouncing such unconstitutional acts, but making their enforcement a crime, would you cheer them on for protecting the people there from religious tyranny, or would you say that California was violating federal supremacy?

      I’d say we’re pretty much all in agreement here that the TSA is out of control. Some of us (yours truly included) would argue that the TSA shouldn’t even exist at all. But the real Question we face is this – What do we do about it?

      –Should we call on the TSA and demand that this federal agency limit its own power?

      –Or, should we march on DC and demand that the federal politicians limit the power of a federal agency that THEY voted for, and that they fund to the tune of 8 billion dollars?

      –Or, should we boycott the airlines till they go broke….in the hopes that their buddies in dc won’t tell us that the airline industry is just “too big to fail” and then hand them another 15-20 billion of YOUR money like bush did in 2001?

      –Or, should we go to federal courts in the hope that the 9 politically connected unaccountable federal lawyers will limit this federal agency – and give us permission to travel freely?

      –Or maybe, we should just vote the bums out – in the hopes that the new bums will just say – oh, ok – sorry about the previous bums, we’ll fix everything for you….?

      Yeah right

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