Alex Jones interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts on the economy, the upcoming ground invasion of Libya, and what we as Americans can do to protect ourselves from the collapse of a ‘terribly perverted’ system.  Catherine also states that though the Bilderberg group meeting was important, for us folks in North America, the upcoming Bohemian Grove meeting during the end of July will be much more crucial, including any decisions made on the debt ceiling and the upcoming budget.

(10:28) Here’s the reality; there are alot of honest people in leadership positions, and what they have been taught is trying to do the right thing for the whole which will always get you punished, and it’s not just punished from the top, it’s punished from the bottom. So that’s part of the conundrum of how we get here to there. Now what we can people do? And I think the first thing is to think traction. What you want to do is you want to separate yourselves out as much as possible. You want to put as many degrees of separation between you and the people that are centralizing things and also, you and the people who are not productive. I mean, you want to limit your network, you want to limit your work and business life to people who are positive and get real things done. And alot of this is going to come because millions and millions of people; you know I once had a friend who ran for governor in the state of Tennessee, and he said, ‘you think the snowflake is powerless until you realize that enough get together they can shut down New York City’, and the reality is that the system we are watching can’t succeed and so the rest of us have got to withdraw and start; this comes down to thousands of incremental things to build a more self-sufficient and de-centralized economy…..and part of what we are seeing in the economy is people just withdrawing because they’ve had it. They realize that something in a sense terribly unhealthy and terribly perverted; so that’s the natural recession that happens when people say, ‘I don’t want to invest in this, this is kooky.’

Part 2:

They are going to pump the economy really hard, and they are going to do that, but they want political support for it, so they’re going to let us really choke during the summer, the Grove will approve a dutyfree(?), and they will come out and it’ll be quite a fractured fall, but one in which inflation will kick up even more.

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