FreedomWatch, 6.13.2011: Gov. Gary Johnson

Since CNN decided to exclude former two term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson from the debate last night based on his record poll percentages, I thought it might be prudent to put up his interview earlier yesterday with Judge Napolitano on FreedomWatch.  For those that don’t know anything about Gov. Johnson, he is the republican businessman who was highly successful (like Herman Cain but with political acumen and no connection to the Federal Reserve), cut New Mexico’s state budget by 10%, and was elected and re-elected in a predominately democratic state because of his record.  Besides being a former governor and businessman, Mr. Johnson is a triathlete, has climbed Mt. Everest, and left the State of New Mexico with a $1 billion surplus due to his record of vetoing based on cost-benefit analysis.  CNN definitely cannot have a young, robust, limited government type up on the stage showing up Hermain Cain and Mitt Romney.

Gov. Gary Johnson, CPAC, 2.11.2011:

A few tidbits:

While in college, Johnson earned money as a door-to-door handyman.[19] His success in that arena encouraged him to start his own business, Big J Enterprises, which was founded in 1976. When he started the business, Johnson was its only employee.[20] His major break with the firm was receiving a large contract from Intel‘s expansion in Rio Rancho, which increased Big J’s revenue to $38million.[16]

Over-stretched by his success, Johnson enrolled in a time management course at night school, which made him heavily goal-driven.[16] He eventually grew Big J into a multi-million dollar corporation with over 1,000 employees.[21] By the time he sold the company, in 1999, it was one of New Mexico’s leading construction companies.[22]


In an interview in Reason Magazine in January 2001, Johnson’s accomplishments in office were described as follows: “no tax increases in six years, a major road building program, shifting Medicaid to managed care, constructing two new private prisons, canning 1,200 state employees, and vetoing a record number of bills.”[23]

Andrew Sullivan claimed that Johnson “is highly regarded in the state for his outstanding leadership during two terms as governor. He slashed the size of state government during his term and left the state with a large budget surplus.”[37] According to one New Mexico paper, “Johnson left the state fiscally solid,” and was “arguably the most popular governor of the decade . . . leaving the state with a $1 billion budget surplus.”[38] The Washington Times has reported that when Johnson left office, “the size of state government had been substantially reduced and New Mexico was enjoying a large budget surplus.”[25]

According to a profile of Johnson in the National Review, “During his tenure, he vetoed more bills than the other 49 governors combined — 750 in total, one third of which had been introduced by Republican legislators. Johnson also used his line-item-veto power thousands of times. He credits his heavy veto pen for eliminating New Mexico’s budget deficit and cutting the growth rate of New Mexico’s government in half.”[39] Johnson has “said his numerous vetoes, only two of which were overridden, stemmed from his philosophy of looking at all things for their cost-benefit ratio and his axe fell on Republicans as well as Democrats.”[20]


By Logistics Monster


  • Who is not invited to debates is more telling than those who are. Sounds like someone to watch.

    • Oops, sorry, Gov. Johnson has been ‘sandboxed’ by the media and you won’t every really get a chance to hear him – just how crazy he is for wanting to legalize and tax marijuana because it ain’t cost effective to throw half the criminals in jail for pot. The only reason that Ron Paul is allowed on the stage is because it would look too obvious that the limited government types are being shut out – but they can do it to Mr. Johnson.

      Did you see the questions that idiot child King asked Ron Paul last night?

      • To be honest I did not watch, I knew it would be and dog and pony show. The only real way to find out about these people is to do your own research.

        If the media wants to travel the moral high road they can start with twittering weiners.

        • I agree – I picked this up from MarketTicker this morning:

          Herman Cain: Gun Control A “States Issue.” Huh?

          BLITZER: How about gun control?
          CAIN: I support the 2nd amendment.
          B: So what’s the answer on gun control?
          C: The answer is I support, strongly support, the 2nd amendment. I don’t support onerous legislation that’s going to restrict people’s rights in order to be able to protect themselves as guaranteed by the 2nd amendment.
          B: Should states or local government be allowed to control guns, the gun situation, or should…
          C: Yes
          B: Yes?
          C: Yes.
          B: So the answer is yes?
          C: The answer is yes, that should be a state’s decision.

          Ticker has crossed Cain off his list; I crossed him off when I found out he was a Fed Chairman.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I didn’t bother watching the debate either as I am well aware of the fact that the MSN will pick the next loser to run against Obutthead regardless of which one of these stiffs we support.

    Don’t you folks out there get it yet, our country is being run by Communists and Muslims and it is going to continue to be run by Communist and Muslims as they attempt to create the NWO for the third time.

    History is going to repeat itself and once again the Christian world will ether have to submit to the combined will of the commies and goat humpers or fight.

    Unfortunately I have heard a lot of young people say that would rather switch then fight.


    • Yes, I watched it only to be sure that CNN was doing their usual biased reporting…no disappointment there.


      Commies and muslims are tools of the globalists…they ain’t going to be left in charge anymore than the rest of us if we don’t stop the hidden elite. I luv ya to death man, but you gotta broaden your horizon.

  • Leaping Spark -

    You are of course correct about the hidden elite, but we can only hope that all of this evil will turn upon itself without catching us in the middle.

    Evil has always destroyed itself but millions of innocents always lose their lives in the crossfire.

    Ah ho

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