Want to watch Big Agra and Monsanto get owned by an 11 year old?  Meet Birke Baehr, a future leader who has come to the conclusion that he can make more of a difference in the world as an organic farmer than as a NFL quarterback.

Master Baehr was speaking at TedxNextGenerationAsheville in August, 2010, about what is wrong with the food system in our country.


Teenagers Inspiring Positive Change

August 28th, 2010, a dynamic group of teens presented their ideas for the future to an audience ready to be inspired at the first ever TEDxNextGenerationAsheville (TEDxNGA). This interactive, multi-media event at The Orange Peel in downtown Asheville was an opportunity for growth, learning and fun for our entire community and a springboard to action. Watch the videos now to experience the power of these young people’s passion and ideas.

(H/T PB for the vid)

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