Birke Baehr: ‘Making A Difference…One Kid At A Time’

Want to watch Big Agra and Monsanto get owned by an 11 year old?  Meet Birke Baehr, a future leader who has come to the conclusion that he can make more of a difference in the world as an organic farmer than as a NFL quarterback.

Master Baehr was speaking at TedxNextGenerationAsheville in August, 2010, about what is wrong with the food system in our country.


Teenagers Inspiring Positive Change

August 28th, 2010, a dynamic group of teens presented their ideas for the future to an audience ready to be inspired at the first ever TEDxNextGenerationAsheville (TEDxNGA). This interactive, multi-media event at The Orange Peel in downtown Asheville was an opportunity for growth, learning and fun for our entire community and a springboard to action. Watch the videos now to experience the power of these young people’s passion and ideas.

(H/T PB for the vid)

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    See….humanity IS waking up….one kid at a time. This kid is representative of the awakening of humanity, and his main advantage….he is HOME SCHOOLED!!!! He is not subject to the brainwashing that is called “education” these days. We can aid humanity in it’s awakening process by turning off the TV, taking our kids out of “school”, and talking about what is going on in this world amongst those still asleep.

  • red lemur -

    if there is anyone out there that is unaware,I urge you to go to the top of the page read codex alimentarius this is the biggest threat to your liberty!
    you cant fight back if your dead!

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