Michelle Obama = Guadalupe Dominguez?

First it was Barack and/or Harrison J. Bounel sharing a home address and Social Security number, now it’s Michelle sharing a Social Security number with Guadalupe Dominguez, a 93 year old Texas immigrant, and Barack and Michelle listed as the owners of 123 Washington Ave., Bay Shore, New York. Hit this link to view SSNs and properties found.   And yes, the SSNs are getting scrubbed most efficiently since last reported.  Any readers in New York want to go find out what commercial property is at the address listed below?  Let me know.

Rick Wiles, host of TruNews Radio welcomes debt collector, ‘Al’ back to the show to explain who actually owns the Chicago mansion that the Obama’s supposedly own, and new information he ran across concerning Michelle Obama.  He also covers Harvey S. Wineberg, the property taxpayer of note on the home which is owned by Northern Trust,  who was a member of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights – one of Communist Party USA’s most impressive creations. In December, 2010, Bambi appointed Harvey to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability. I know, no surprise there….just more ammunition.


By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    I’ll be happy when I see them in stripes,breaking rocks!

  • So she’s using the social security number of Guadelupe to get loans under the radar? How does this stack up? Did they threaten the lender with ‘outing’ to get the loan? Seems odd because there would be reg flags when credit report was pulled. Anyway, just call her Guadelupe from now on I guess.

  • looks like a mall or some kind of business building. on google maps

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