I felt that this particular show was important because Glenn covers the dog-and-pony show (or as he describes – cakes and circuses) that the media has us watching instead of paying attention to what is really important. Monster readers already are so far ahead of the curve, we just be waitin’ for everybody else to catch up, and prepping while we wait…

On a completely different but related note, I am calling Glenn out as a total hypocrite for pointing out just how much of a national security risk Anthony Weiner was due to possible blackmail, and then not uttering a single syllable when it comes to Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro/Harrison J. Bounel(?) being an un-Constitutional resident of the White House and having a Social Security number originally issued to a dead Connecticut resident (among other sketchy items). What’s up with that Glenn?  What about the other seven SSNs that the PI found?  Didn’t you know that Barry’s very first executive order was to seal all his records from requests from previous and future presidents?  What is he hiding?  How dare you use the national security argument in regards to a congressman and not tell your viewers about the ‘rest of the un-Constitutional pResident story’.

Private Investigator Susan Daniels Court Affidavit Regarding Obama’s Social Security Number(s)

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