Let’s not even go toward Mitt Romney and his brainchild, the predecessor to Obamacare, Romneycare.  Let’s start with Republicans allowing 300,000 voters from a democratically held district to be moved into Ron Paul’s district and see how long the unsung founder of the tea party holds his seat?  Think Republicans are any better at protecting our liberties and the Constitution than the Democrats?  Think again.  They are all a bunch of assclowns that have graduated from the University Of Global Prickery.

GOP Establishment Attempting To Redistrict Ron Paul Out Of Office

Steve Watson

June 3, 2011

A Democratic consultant tells the Texas Tribune that it is no coincidence that a proposed congressional redistricting map would significantly alter District 14, the seat firmly held by Ron Paul for the last fourteen years.

The proposed redistricting (see image) would add 300, 000 new voters to district 14, encompassing areas previously dominated by pro-labor, pro-government, New Deal Democrat Jack Brooks, a philosophical and political polar opposite to Ron Paul.

“This is clearly a shot taken by the Republican establishment against the hero of the tea party,” Democratic operative Jeff Crosby says.

“By giving him more than 300,000 new voters, it’s clear the Republican establishment doesn’t want Ron Paul to come back after he finishes his race for president.”

The changes would see the entirety of Jefferson County moved to Ron Paul’s jurisdiction, encompassing the city of Beaumont. A larger portion of Galveston County would also be shifted into the district.

Ron Paul has held district 14 since 1997. The area is is larger than the state of Massachusetts and covers some 22 counties. It is predominantly made up of rural land used for ranching and farming.

The Congressman spends a great deal of time in the area and frequently travels around the huge district, which can involve round trips of over 300 miles.

Paul has acted as a constant thorn in the side of the party establishment, consistently and strictly voting in line with the Constitution, rather than towing the party line.

Democrats have criticized the newly proposed congressional map, charging that it dilutes minority voting strength in Texas.

A Spokesman for Texas Governor Rick Perry told reporters that “The governor is confident that a map will be passed.” Any Congressional district alterations must first be approved by federal authorities.





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