AYFKM? ‘Rebuking’ the pResident Over Libya?

I asked the above question over a month ago and now the candyasses in the District of Criminals are fawning all over themselves for passing  A (one, single) non-binding resolution ‘rebuking’ the sitting poseur in the White House for tearing up the Constitution YET AGAIN with Libya and the War Powers Act.  They want him to ‘explain himself’ or they might just cut off funding for the war? AYFKM?  Which one exactly would they be talking about since they didn’t declare any of them?  And what about the rest of the sh** this assclown has done since well before taking office?WHAT EXACTLY is it going to take to get these buffoons to do their jobs? Voting them out does not seem to be working…

From The Washington Times:

Bipartisan Congress rebuffs Obama on Libya mission



2 thoughts on “AYFKM? ‘Rebuking’ the pResident Over Libya?”

    • When has GS not gotten help? There is no difference between them, the Federal Reserve, The White House, and the Legislative Branch. At this point, throw the Judicial in there also. It’s one big rotten family fiasco.

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