(Editor’s Note: I’m sure most of my readers have seen the very sarcastic grinning moo in the sidebar which I put up when the drive-by media started anointing elitist Mitt Romney as the republican nominee. Ann Barnhardt goes over the top with this monologue about why Romney is just another globalist puppet. Enjoy!!)

Many of you have seen Ann Barnhardt’s coming out video verbally filleting Lindsey Graham for being the pathetic piece of sh** globalist RINO he is, but she definitely takes it a step farther with this nuclear repertoire of Mitt Romney’s all-together pathetic record as a Republican and conservative who lacks the most important characteristic of being an American; integrity.  She also has a message for you!!

In regards to the mandate in Obamacare and Romneycare:

I will not be taxed on my existence, I will not comply with any requirement to purchase a good or service as a condition of waking up breathing in my own country, and if you think for a second, that I’m going to lay down and be dehumanized by you or Obama or any other Marxist candyass, you got another thing coming Cha Cha. And, in fact, let me just break down for you what the reality of the situation would be if you were to be elected president and maintain your support of the mandate. You Mitt, would have to put me in prison, just the same way that Obama would have to put me in prison because I will never, ever, ever, pay a tax on my existence.

On Mitt being promised the presidency by the RNC in 2008:

The Office of the Presidency is not a trophy to be handed around amongst a cadre of corrupt elitist pricks like you.

(H/T RS for the vid)

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