Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Corey Gold on June 1st covering a wide range of health/nutrition issues including the new ban on supplements in EU countries following Codex Alimentarius (United Nations), Big Pharma and Big Agra spending millions to shut down small farms, the Food Safety Bill that would have instituted the Codex here in America, how health care IS NOT getting better or cheaper, how Americans are starving to death eating GMO foods that have little or no nutrition, and our loss of sovereignty due to international regulations on food, water, and air.

I urge all my readers to start taking the proper supplements (I use Nature’s Way Alive! Liquid – see sidebar) and get yourself into a physical training regime as you will need to be mentally and physically healthier and stronger than the average American to get through the economic devastation that is imminent!  Anybody notice that the stock market nose-dived yesterday and now traders are talking ‘depression’ (yep, that 800 pound elephant in the room). Anybody notice that 44 million Americans are in electronic food lines? It’s been a depression for quite some time now; it’s just the people that got the bailout are now starting to feel the pinch.  And on a related note, Michelle Obama (first cow) is unveiling the ‘food plate’ with new government guidelines for ‘healthy eating’.  REJOICE, WE ARE SAVED!!!  All you moos can go back to munching and not thinking…


Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe

New EU regulations on herbal medicines come into force

Herbal remedies banned as new EU rules take effect

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