Fourth Reich: CNN Crew Turned Back From Joplin ‘Secret Morgue’

A CNN news reporter, Gary Tuchman reporting from Joplin, Missouri about the dead and missing shows tape of himself and his crew attempting to go a ‘secret morgue’ that residents refuse to talk about, and being turned back by police officers who demanded that all cameras be stowed in the back and were then finally told ‘not to come back‘. The cameraman in the back of the car finally turned off the camera after police opened the car door and the cameraman believed he was about to be arrested.

The last comment from the CNN reporter on this video says it all: “…but we don’t usually hear that stuff from the good guys in the blue, saying stuff like that.”

Question:  What is it about these bodies or this morgue that the powers that be don’t want anybody knowing about? Does HAARP leave a signature? Does anyone believe these assclowns are actually Missouri cops or does it seem more like spooks in cop uniforms?

(H/T PB)

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    the lt said so yahal dont come back yup thats our police alright!

  • John5319 -

    Tyranny starts as “benevolent”, then is called “soft”, then is called the one which has no alternative and is “for your own good” !!

  • The authorities there are not just worried about looting. Their hostility started to ramp up as the video wenton. They are hiding something.

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