AYFKM?!!!: Welcome To The Fourth Reich, Arrested For Dancing At Jefferson Memorial

One MUST realize that the future of the Republic is most definitely in our hands when dancing (can anyone say ‘free of  expression’) at the Jefferson Memorial gets one arrested. Adam Kokesh had a choke hold used against him in the process of being arrested for dancing (3 minute mark). Watch as a couple is arrested for slow dancing without music and how the memorial is closed and everyone is herded out (especially those with cameras).  One man continues to speak loudly about freedom of expression and speech though he is told to shut up continually and finally the park police take him away from the view of onlookers and cameras.  Can’t let the moos hear a true message.

Don’t believe me?

Ron Paul, 5.25.2011: “Republic Almost Completely Dead”

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    welcome to the new America!
    I dont!
    something has been bothering me for about two weeks anyone else notice this?????
    iv’e heard hey sarah ARE THE YOU THE LEADER OF THE TEA PARTY?
    iv’e heard hey michelle ARE YOU THE LEADER OF THE TEA PARTY?
    IV’E seen a parade of boob globalist boob head puppet boys being paraded in front of us as if their will never be any choice, but the globalist cabal of prickery?
    listen up you pieces of global shitmeyer!
    fox news is going on the list with nbc cbs abc msnbc and so on!!!!!!!
    America, live free or go kill the bastards tyrants or is it AND ?
    I’m thinkin they need to stop poking!

  • Practical Madman -

    Welcome to the United Soviet FEMA Districts of Ameristan (USFDA- aka US Fear and Death Administration), comrade! America only exists as a figment of our collective imagination and programming. The CONstitution is just that….a CON that THEY hold up to keep us from revolting. Don’t believe me? Just look up “1847 Hickey Constitution. In 1846 Congress realized that all copies of the original were destroyed in the War of 1812, so they hired William Hickey to create a constitution that can be shown to the people. It was adopted by Congress as our Constitution in 1847. James Madison was the last of the original signers to pass away, and he did so in 1838, so EVERY SIGNATURE ON THAT DOCUMENT IS A FORGERY!!!!! We are also not told that the document came with a 400 page appendix that we are not privy to it’s existence, much less what it says (nor how the one we are shown compares to what the original actually said)! We are ruled by consent and the color of law. Laws do not exist, they are made up as THEY go. Stop consenting! Take your freedom back! This must stop!!!!

  • red lemur -

    I’m thinking I’m going back to an earlier attitude fuck the pigs!

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