Jeff Rense interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts on May 25th, 2011 starting with the Strauss-Kahn arrest and the possible replacements at the IMF.  Catherine continues with how a small group of people are holding the world hostage with invisible weaponry, the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima and it’s effect on the global economy, the deflationary spiral that is occurring, the liberal money printing policy, and how most of the world is withdrawing from any economic moves.  Jeff and Catherine also discuss how Americans are paying for their own enslavement and their astonishment when it comes to Americans still using the big banks like Bank of America when it is better for communities to keep those funds in community banks.  If you are not familiar with CAF, make sure to check out the related links at the bottom of the post for many more informative articles, especially ‘The Looting Of America’.

Jeff Rense: When you were, back in your youth, in service to this country, could you have honestly, Catherine, could have imagined the rate at which the garbage, the trash and catastrophes are flying and the fraud and the lies and the criminality and the gangsterism?

Catherine:  Well, I’ll tell you, I came out the Bush administration; one of the reasons I started Hamilton Securities Group, and was doing the things that I was doing, in the ’90’s that sortof gave great offense to the powers that be was literally, Jeff, I came out of the Bush administration and said, “Oh my lord”, you know, “the fourth reich is here”. Their gonna kill us all, and I considered it an emergency that I do something which was the whole point of starting Hamilton Securities was to take the new technology and figure out how entrepreneurs could kickstart productivity in the economy.  My whole schtick was if we don’t radically increase the wealth creation bottom up in communities and households, we’re going to be in real trouble because we knew then it was the beginning of the ’90s that all the jobs were gonna be moved into the emerging markets; it was all known and so the question was, “how do you make sure that the resources that are needed to support the babyboomers in their retirement and to help the middle-class jump the curve on this process.  And I thought it was this huge emergency and went to work, came up with a plan that I thought really worked and I think it would have really worked; I think it would still really work if we could do it, and I underestimated two things.  One was the extent to which this, what I call the breakaway civilization, had really gotten ahold of the thing, and the extent to which their invisible weaponry literally was creating a situation where a relatively small group of people could hold nations and states around the world hostage.

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