I felt everybody needed a three minute, fifty second break from the world being completely turned inside out – from the managed and driven instability in the Middle East, the hurricanes forming over land in the Midwest, the flooding of millions of acres of farmland (which WILL lead to more food shortages), the manipulated price of gas, and of course, the government threatening to shut down all flights in and out of Texas, and the looming bankruptcy of our country (just to name a few and NOT including Fukushima -sheesh).

“…but you and the neocons assured me, if we could convince them cavemen pulled off 9/11 we could convince them of anything…”

The following vid is highly entertaining and totally on the mark.  Remember, Herman Cain was targeted and then co-opted when he became a Federal Reserve chairman (Kansas City Fed).

Hitler Finds Out Dominique Straus Kahn and Herman Cain are Unelectable

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