News Of Note: First Republican Presidential Debate Tonight (UPDATED Full Video, Focus Group Reaction & The Marketing Of Herman Cain)

(Editor’s Note, 5.6.2011: Conservatives need to be advised that they are being as manipulated for this election cycle as the liberal left was in 2008 with the media marketing of Obama.  This time around, the marketed candidate knows exactly what to say to you to get your vote by appealing to YOUR values, but the FACTS don’t lie;  Donald Trump donated 50K to Rahm Emanuel’s campaign, Herman Cain was the chairman of the Kansas City Fed (see below), Newt Gingrich worked with Clinton to establish global trading rules.  DO NOT be the corporate-owned moos they believe you to be!  Ask your candidate how they feel about the United Nations and the World Bank – then vote.)

Fox News Channel will be hosting the first GOP presidential debate this evening at 9pm eastern.  Dr. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty will be participating, and because globalists Romney and Gingrich will not be attending, you might actually hear some ideas to solve our nation’s current dilemmas without completely selling out America’s sovereignty.

When I find a live streaming link, I will post it.

UPDATE:  Here is the entire debate in one video.

Please be advised that it appears the MSM is pushing former Kansas City Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain as the winner of this debate. Recently, when I learned that Mr. Cain was intimately involved with the Fed, I had to cross his name off the list of possible contenders. (H/T Jane for the following information.)

Herman Cain, 2012 hopeful: “There’s No Reason To Audit The Federal Reserve”

Herman Cain, former Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, flippantly denies the need to Audit the Federal Reserve while hosting the Neil Boortz Radio Show on 12/29/10

InfoWars has the details:

Fox News generates post-debate buzz around Fed-Insider Herman Cain,obscures Ron Paul

Glorified Tea Party candidate Cain holds establishment values: pro-war, pro-Federal Reserve, pro-bailout and more
May 6, 2011

The Fox News-led GOP debate last night in South Carolina gave the first formal glimpse of the emerging 2012 GOP presidential field, though more thought was perhaps spent on the presumptive (selected & vetted by the establishment) big name contenders who have yet to enter or debate. Congressman Ron Paul was perhaps the most well-known face next to a field otherwise unseen in 2008. With him were former Senator Rick Santorum, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, businessman and former KC Federal Reserve chair Herman Cain and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

After the debate, an artificial-esque buzz quickly centered around Herman Cain, who has positioned himself as a Tea Party candidate and gained popularity for his ‘tough’ rhetoric.

A Fox-focus group fielded by the notorious Frank Luntz quickly established that Herman Cain had won the debate (in lieu of a poll, apparently). Cain charmed a majority of the 29 handpicked and carefully-handled likely Republicans in Luntz’s focus group. After all, he’s a fresh face, he talks about smaller government, ending the economic crisis and he’s a successful businessman.

Frank Luntz Focus Group Names Herman Cain Winner of First GOP Debate


However, a sober look at Cain’s statements tonight and his past record show little to be enthused about. He stands diametrically opposed the fundamental positions of pro-liberty candidates like Ron Paul. Cain is pro-war and appears to be pro-Empire, against a Federal Reserve audit, and has been supportive and apologetic about the bailout. Free market is incompatible with crony capitalism and Fed intervention.

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    ron paul is our only hope ron paul allen west .mitt cant make it he’s stuck!

  • Leaping Spark -

    I don’t care who they run, if they are a politician, they are f&^*ing, lying, worthless parasites.

    It is time for a citizen government composed of people with servants hearts, willing to serve for free.

    We don’t need any more of these self serving elitist bastards who have never worked a day in their f@^&ing lives, who without a doubt would rob their own mother to buy a vote.

    I hate politicians, and I mean all of them. They are nothing but thieves.

    Two things you cannot give most politicians, a job or a bible!

  • Hi, Diamond Tiger:

    If you and your readers haven’t seen the videos yet (I’ve been looking for the last several hours), they are available now on You Tube as:

    Republican Presidential Debate pt.1
    thru to
    Republican Presidential Debate pt. 7

    There’s an extra, which I’m not sure yet if it has anything to do with the presidential debates but is associated with Cain, titled:

    No Need To Audit the Federal Reserve According to Herman Cain

    • I had not heard about the ‘no need to audit’ information; all I know is that Herman Cain became suspect (meaning not worth voting for) when I found out that he was the Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Fed. That in and of itself disqualifies him. ‘Nuff said there!

      Thanks for the linkage.

  • red lemur -

    nope not buying it!
    fox news fair and balanced? ok I know it’s just a slogan but you would think if they say it enough times it would influence them.But I guess they are immune to their owned spin ? Ron Paul, the media is blowing him off(he’s crazy you cant do that)they say that cause it might spoil their plans!I’m sorry I’m not voting for cain,anyone notice this mf sounds like don king or some tv avangalist that should be a clue .Also Ive problems with the post show,wtf was that I’m sorry if those are not scripted responses then ive just become alien zombie pod person taken over by moonbats
    hype spin brainwashing and manipulation seem to be the norm now
    ah the soothing comfort of being bathed in bullshit up to my ears its kinda like a relaxing hot tub only its not people it’s shite!

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