WTF?  I’m not sure how the rest of America feels about this debate, but I personally am sick to death of people like (closet moonbat) Bill O’Reilly linking ‘enhanced interrogation’ (come on Bill, you can say torture) with results. There IS NO debate.  Americans need to get their heads in the game properly and start asking the right questions.  Since WHEN has it been A-okay for America to torture people?  End the question right there!  Does this thinking and behavior not fall under the insane, communist Saul Alinsky philosophy that states ‘the ends justify the means‘.  Take a moment and really ask yourself, “Has my moral compass been compromised by societal norms?”

When did America sink to the level of common drug lord tactics? No wonder everybody is pissed at us. We were supposed to be the ‘Great experiment’ that was a beacon of hope for the rest of the world demonstrating what could be achieved by taking the high road and living by the Rule of Law. Individual Americans may or may not still believe the basic tenets of what has made our country great, but our government has been walking all over us and the rest of the world for DECADES.  It all comes back to us changing how we think, believe, and behave.

Maybe it is true that the ‘Age of America’ is now over, that it truly did end in the late 1800’s, and all we can look forward to now is Chinese style state capitalism and repression from here on out.  If it is permissible for our government to use torture techniques on human beings that they have named as terrorists, when will it be permissible for them to do the same thing to you and I?  Welcome to the slippery slope; we’ve been sliding for years.

Bill O’Reilly talking to one of my least favorite humans, Donald “What Is Building 7?” Rumsfeld about torture, how Rumsfeld does not believe waterboarding is torture, and that it was only done by the CIA and not the military.  How does any of that make it okay?  (…frakkin’ idiot)

Bill O’Reilly – Interrogation Controversy

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