4 thoughts on “Stossel: ‘The Ron Paul Revolution’, 4.29.2011”

  1. only one thing , who gives a flying shit what chris mathews thinks? screw msnbc I would never watch it again it burns my eyes

  2. libertarian and tea party founder Dr. Ron Paul. ?? Help me out here, isn’t Mr. Paul a Republican? Also, are we sure he is the tea party founder? With a false lead-in to the story, why bother with the rest of it, since it too may just be slanted and a wast of time.

    • You haven’t been paying attention have you? I thought the tea parties started on February 18th, 2009 with LibertyBelle in Seattle – little did I know that the Ron Paul Revolution had been leading the charge since 2007 with the same exact message. So I guess the Ron Paul Revolution really is the founding of the tea parties. Here, check it out. (Excuse the language)

      Ron Paul Revolution March on DC, July 12, 2008:

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