Unbelievable Video Of The Tuscaloosa Tornado

I have no idea who these folks are but this video of the monster tornado going through Tuscaloosa shot from the University Mall parking lot is unbelievable and truly frightening.

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    there is a fine line between brave, and stupid.
    But what I think is more important is this. We have here a frickin catastrophe and I check the msm and ….. royal wedding,libya,cat stuck in tree,couple divorces, whats kate going to wear?……..wtf?
    we have become the insectiod borg bug race!when are we collectivly going to wake up to whats important …or will we?
    perhaps we all need to turn off tube?
    talk to each other (on line if need be)
    stop supporting the spin! be not a part nor party to it!

  • red lemur -

    wow some action o-loser says hes going to tour damage tomorrow! so what you doing now ? golfing, basket ball?entertaining libtard commie freinds?wasf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leaping Spark -

    I lived in the Tornado belt for 24 years, they are a nightmare that comes every spring. Fortunately most of them usually hit areas that are sparsely populated and do a lot of damage to trees and cornfields, without loss of life.

    One thing I take exception with is the liberals blaming the tornado activity on global warming. Where the f&^k have these liberals been? Up Owebama’s butt. Tornadoes happen every year in the tornado belt, and you pray they miss the towns and subdivisions, unfortunately this year they have not.

    Hope and prayers to all the lives affected by the recent tornadoes.


    • I’m more interested in the coincidental appearance of HAARP rings 24-48 hours before each of these devastating storms. I have no idea what or if the connection exists – but so far, where there are rings, there are devastating tornadoes.

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