What’s Really Happening Inside Japan’s Nuclear Reactors

Buckle up folks; the media blackout of the nuclear meltdown of the Fukashima reactors and the subsequent deadly radioactive fallout is absolutely stunning in its breadth. It has definitely taken the crown away from the ‘in the tank media‘ protecting Ms. Indonesia, the millions of dollars the Obama’s have spent and the thousands of hours their legal teams have logged keeping all of Barry’s records sealed from public view.

Meet Leuren Moret, a geoscientist and nuclear whistleblower speaking about Fukashima and the deadly contamination that is now world-wide.  This video is almost two hours long, so I suggest you block out the time to watch it in it’s entirety as she covers many aspects of nuclear power, it’s history, federal laws that hinder public safety, how the nuclear weapons tests in Nevada have destroyed the health of Americans by making us guinea pigs since 1945, the current meltdown of the Fukashima reactors, tectonic warfare using HAARP, and exactly how you and your family’s safety have been completely compromised by the globalists.  She has the stats and the evidence to back up her presentation.  Like I said, buckle up and for starters, only 1.) drink bottled water, 2.) stop eating dairy, 3.) stay out of the rain.

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2- Leuren Moret – PDX 9/11 Truth (4.12.2011)

(H/T Liberated Puppet)

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    a quick thanks to broken puppet for this vid, thanks dude!

  • That’s not something we will see on MSM anytime soon which is too bad as it was very informative. The sheeple need to hear this.

    We really need to clean house at every level including the military to remove these distructive individuals. Can someone please just help the people out and do a some damage control by putting the elites 6 feet under?

    I need a Moo Picture to add to this one RL.

  • red lemur -

    Do you think the radiation’s affecting my hair?

  • red lemur -

    hey to all enquiring minds. special on thurs 4/28 science channel,maybe they will tell us what msm and our gov. wont. remember …. duck and cover!
    as long as you dont eat…breathe..drink water….you should be fine n.p.
    hey smoke guilt free ,dont matter now!

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