Charles Krauthammer: Liberal Left Envious And Panicking Over Tea Party

(Editor’s Note: How many of you would confess that you watch O’Reilly just to see how far in the tank he has gone for Obama and/or for the Charles Krauthammer segments?)

Over the past weekend, many traditional tax day tea party events happened across the country with the usual incredible bad manners being portrayed by the liberal left of the democratic party. Charles Krauthammer sums up the basis of their bad behavior in his usual succinct manner.

‘This is a response that comes out of envy and panic.  They’re looking at this people; this movement (the tea party), that even the mainstream media had dismissed for two years as a bunch of illiterate yahoos…and then all of a sudden two years later, the tea party, basically, are the dominate element in American politics.’

Charles Krauthammer: Wisconsin Unions Vitriol Due to Jealousy

By Logistics Monster


  • Happy Passover! We celebrated the second seder at my mom’s. I brought my famous matzo brei and even my mom loved it.

    Charles Krauthammer is a national treasure. Lots of knowledge and wisdom there that can benefit all who will listen.

    Here’s something interesting from Rep. Allen West:

    Here’s the most alarming piece I’ve read in a while:

    Saudis give up on US, instigate direct Gulf action against Iran

  • Leaping Spark -

    The Tea Party is not only dangerous to the idiotic, leftist commie, liberals Democrats, it is also dangerous to the GOP.

    The two grand old parties have both been bought and paid for by the NWO Commies and Muslim Oil money.

    Regardless of which party pushes a new bill the end result is always the same, especially when the bill expands the government’s control over our lives.

    Both parties are extremely worried that a Tea Party candidate will run for President in the 2012 election.

    I’m sure that this scenario would also shake up the NWO Communist and the Muslim Brotherhood as Buttcrack Owebama was supposed to deliver the United States to them on a platter before leaving office.

    If a Tea Party candidate runs, they will probably be elected considering the hatred and mistrust most intelligent Americans have for our current group of tax cheats, frauds, and just overall scumbags.

    As an Indy, I will definitely vote for a Tea Party candidate over a Communist Democrat or a spineless Republican.

    Maybe it’s time to send a message to our corrupt political establishment, we are so on to you scumbags, it is time for we the people to take control of America again.

    We don’t exist to serve the government, the government exists because we allow it to exist, and to serve us!

    Palin / West 2012!

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