Wayne Madsen Death Threat Update on Alex Jones, 4.18.2011

Alex Jones interviews Wayne Madsen about the death threats that he has received and his plans to leave America for his own safety due to his investigation into Chicago political figures including Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama, Obama’s CIA background, and all the suspicious deaths surrounding this administration.

Alex starts out this segment on the continuing degradation of the American dollar, the Saudi government’s slowing of oil production, and how the globalists are using us to pay for the up and coming new world government.

The Wayne Madsen segment starts at 7:45 in Part 1.

Wayne Madsen: Marked for Death by The Obama/Chicago Crime Syndicate 1/3

Part 2,

Part 3,

By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    Wow, it looks like the DHS has scared all the Patriots away from your site.

    Madsen probably hasn’t discovered anything that most true Americans are not aware of regarding Buttcrack Owebama.

    We all know there is a possibility he is a fraud, a lying militant Muslim practising the Taqyirra, a NWO Communist, and that his whole life story is fabrication.

    Buttcrack Owebama is a creation of the NWO and the Muslims who was chosen to bring about the NWO Communist takeover of America with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He is simply trying to finish what LBJ started, as he continues to nibble at our freedoms just like his predecessors, Carter, Clinton, Bush Senior, and Bush Junior.

    Unfortunately for America, the NWO Communist and Muslims are buying support from both sides of the aisle in DC. Our representatives are all getting filthy rich covering up for Owebama, while trying to baffle the America public with their theatre of the mind.

    The only way to stop this clown show is to remove all the NWO Communist and Muslim sympathizers from our government.

    Wayne Madsen is no more in danger then the other 20 million patriotic Americans, because believe me, Buttcrack Owebama, if give the chance will eliminate all the America Patriots in a heartbeat.

    Enough said!

  • Wonder which team has the highest body count- the Chitlins (aka Clintons) or the Ocrakins (aka Obamas)?

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