Japan Slipping Into The Ocean? (VIDEO)(UPDATED)

A few weeks ago I posted an article (with video) about a scary hypothesis involving Japan collapsing into the ocean. Now, according to the Geospatial Information Authority Of Japan, there appears to be postseismic slippage.

Postseismic Slip Distribution Model

We constructed a postseismic slip (afterslip) distribution model using surface displacement data observed by the GPS Earth Observation Network System (GEONET) for the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake.

  • Eastward displacements are observed along the Pacific coast from Aomori Prefecture to Chiba Prefecture.

  • The observed postseismic displacement partly includes crustal deformation due to aftershocks.

  • A postseismic slip expands in and around the inferred coseismic slip area . In particular, relative large slips are estimated in the northwest and in the south (off Choshi) of the coseismic slip area.

  • Add this video of the earth moving and bulging in Japan, dutchsinse‘s hypothesis appears to be close to the truth.

    In my wanderings, I ran across statements made about Edgar Cayce predicting that Japan would sink into the ocean. I am still searching for the exact prediction, but wanted to get this information out.

    Either way, the video above and Dutchsinse’s video is more than a little bit disturbing.


    Is anybody hearing about the volcanic eruptions in Japan?

    4/14/2011 — TWO large explosions from Sakurajima Volcano Japan


    direct link to Sakurajima Volcano cameras:


    By Logistics Monster


    • red lemur -

      straight from the realm of the not so good! my heart goes out to Japanese people!just what they need !
      the news is dog livin with cats!

    • The edge of the plate Japan sits on has been crumbling for centuries and probably for millennia. This year’s quakes are producing liquefaction, something that’s common with quakes, depending on the topography and soil structure. It happens in Mexico City, for example.

    • Holy Christmas! I guess we really ARE walkin’ on egg shells…atop a very thin crust over the primordial ooze. Zeut alors!

    • Timesarechanging -

      Oh no, does this mean that Mt. Fuji might be in danger?

    • This means the old prediction that the West Coast will sink and split off from USA may be very viable. If Japan sinks, the Tsunami will take out HI and the entire USA west coast. It’ll be under water.

    • Practical Madman -

      To correct… Edgar Casey said “Japan MUST fall into the sea”. That is the way I have seen written it in many places. This would surly stop the melt down, but it would “kill 1/3 of the fish in the ocean”. That is directly out of the Bible. Things don’t look good folks. Time to batten down the hatches and say your prayers. The “clock tower” in the Illuminati card would most definitely be destroyed then and the Illuminati would get THEIR “double hit” as per the card.

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