AYFKM: Keeping Americans Safe Or Indoctrinating The Moos Into Submission?

GODDAMMIT PEOPLE!!!! After watching this tiny, six year old little girl get groped and then DRUG TESTED(?), does ANYONE want to argue with me about abolishing the Patriot Act? Does anybody actually feel safer now? Does anyone still think that islamic jihadists are more dangerous to Americans than our own out-in-the-open fascist government?

Be warned; this video will turn one’s stomach with the realization that the American Police State is more than alive and well and THRIVING! Last fall’s protests achieved nothing because Americans are still flying and financially contributing to their own enslavement. Want results? CUT THE PURSE STRINGS and watch the airlines straighten out this total and utter invasion of privacy AND SEXUAL ASSAULT damn quick.


POLICE STATE 2011: 6 year old girl groped then drug tested by TSA

(H/T InfoWars.com and FederalJack’s YouTube Channel.)

This is the reason I live where I live and am not planning on moving back.

UPDATE: The Judge’s take on the police state:

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    what will it take!!!!!!!!!
    think on this, are your freedoms subject to the whims of renta cops??????yup!
    f**k that,I say every real American
    knocks 2 tsa agents on their asses everytime he goes to the ariport !
    you f**kers belong working at mcdoodoo’s ps (a thank you to L.S. no not pres. but Id like to be ron pauls bodyguard!)

  • red lemur -

    and yeah f**k you hows my file comming janet ! (your clothes do look like shit,maybe you need some fashion tips from mishy,bwahh )

  • Leaping Spark -

    Patriots we are getting what we deserve after electing a non- American, drug addled street corner hustler President. Obama allegedly flunked out of Occidental, probably never attended Columbia, and got into Harvard without any transcripts.

    The Saudi Royal family allegedly was kind enough to pay Harvard $20,000,000 dollars to let the Muslim Obama /Soetoro become President of the Law Review, never write an article and sail through Harvard with a bought and paid for Law degree.

    Then it was off to Chicago for the next phase of his phony life where he bailed on the Bar exam because they allegedly caught him lying.

    Subsequently, the fraud turned to Bill Ayres the terrorist for help and the rest is history.

    My uncle you to say “you get what you have earned”

    We have a fraud in our highest office, we have a house, senate, and MSN complicit in his cover up, and we have 40% of America that wants to elect him again because they are just plain stupid.

    So we are getting what we earned and it’s going to get worse America.

    Keep your powder dry!

  • The answer is so simple (as it usually is) – withdraw financial support and watch it collapse. The big banks, the airlines, the federal government, etc. Americans have always had the power but the brainwashing is almost complete.

    • Yeah, that just about sums it up. We all know that Randy’s assessment is right on the money; question is, what is Trump going to do about it? and how much are they going to pay him off with? The rest of our savings?

      P.S. I just put Randy’s blog on the RSS Page. Please leave links for other sites that you believe should be there.

    • Ono – I am respectfully asking that you not post images of that frakkin’ liar, thief and traitor on the blog. Have you noticed that I don’t post pictures of him or his fat-assed freakazoid wife here very often? Everytime I see him or her I gotta grab the barf bucket from under the desk. I already know how f*(%^)ed we are; no reminders needed. I like the cow pictures, they keep my blood pressure down.

      This is pretty much how I feel about those two grifters.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Since I’m one of those right wing conservative nut jobs who lost his job shortly after our communist, muslim, fraud was elected presidunce. I have plenty of time to cruise the net while looking for a job.
    Here is another link I stumbled on that really describes Obuttheads agenda:


    I agree, no more pictures of Obutthead and his Moochelle as they tend to make real Americans violently ill.

    Ah ho

  • Mishy is a bazillion times worse than Chairman Zero because she is running the country from behind him, she was born and raised here and believes that she is a victim. Her actions are of a insecure, low-self-esteem, ladder climbing cutthroat that will do anything to get what she wants, and her victim status allows her to rationalize the ends justifying the means.

    He, on the other hand, isn’t even an American; was raised by communists, and lived in a foreign country most of his formative years.

    Which one REALLY is worse?

    My vote is for the fat cow trying to tell us that we don’t know how to feed our children while cultivating a victory garden in contaminated soil.

    Stupid biatch.

  • DT, ever since I had my knee replaced, I have to be sexually assaulted by the TSA. The last time, on the way back from a great trip seeing my Yankees play during Spring Training, I got it twice in the Tampa airport. The woman used a machine that apparently others knew was faulty, so she and a supervisor took me into a storage room, and did it all over again, though worse this time.

    They won’t use wands anymore. Why,, I asked the TSA agent assaulting me? Because of the Underwear Bomber, who presumably got through the freakin’ metal detector. How stupid is THAT???

    Every single person I have seen get assaulted has had some medical thing, usually a joint replacement. Though I did see a US Airways pilot in Charleston, SC, get assaulted because he couldn’t take off his orthotic shoes without literally falling over.

    I have cut down on my flying, have filed complaints with the TSA and the ACLU, but sometimes, I have no choice but to fly (we even drove the 9 hrs to Miami for a cruise instead of flying).

    In all honesty, I can tell you, it is horrific. I wake up in the middle of the night before I am flying somewhere, just DREADING the assault that is to come.

    Thank you for covering this, friend.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Wow DT tell us how you really feel about Moochelle.

    My youngest son is an education major at the local college and he is really getting and education as he is surrounded by liberals.

    He is outnumbered about 30 to 1 in most of his classes. He finds it amazing that the liberals are scared of everything, always trying appeasement first as a problem solving tool, and then resorting to threats, shout downs, and finally violence only when they have substantial numbers in their favour.

    He finds their view of the world totally insane as they accept the Communist indoctrination of our country whole heartedly.

    Recently the Professor gave them a scenario to discuss regarding what they would do if their class was confronted by an armed gunman who had already shot several students on campus, all of the liberals agreed that they would try and talk to the man to find out what the problem was, and how he had been wronged.

    My son told them they were all idiots and said, first I would make sure my students were safe, and then I would do everything in my power to take the bastard out.

    Obviously, my son is not popular with his liberal classmates who will be more then happy to indoctrinate all the children they teach in the ways of communism.

    This is the uphill battle we are fighting as our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated into communism by our educational system. With thirty percent of our population and most of our government already filthy communist bastards, this is the defining moment in American history.

    We either accept the new communist police state, we leave America, or we stand together against these bastards as our forefathers did 235 years ago.

    The choice is ours!

  • red lemur -

    Attention,united States moos.
    Coming soon from the dept. of homeland security(fatherland security)
    The new smart toilet!
    Yes folks every time you sit down,You will be weighed,to ensure you aren’t getting fat,your feces will be analyzed to ensure you ate your vegetables gm of course,YOU WILL BE DRUG TESTED,to ensure your government has the propaganda they require to continue their “war on drugs”,you will be of course monitored for any illicit sexual activity,you will be tested for any virus, disease,std or any other malady that might pose a threat to the HERD,you will also be monitored to ensure that at no time in the future you might become a domestic threat!
    All brought to you by the friendly folks at your dept.of homeland security!

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