AYFKM?: My Choices Are Mitt Romney Or Donald Trump?

The globalists’ pick for the pResident to replace Obama, Mitt Romney:

…and now for the real deal:

Ron Paul, GOP Debate, 2008

The media had already crowned Mitt Romney when TPTB realized that Americans are on their second cup of coffee and not buying their hand picked puppet. Out trots Donald Trump and the birth certificate issue so that the stupid corporate owned moos will have a choice….meanwhile, the Ron Paul Revolution continues. I hope he runs and picks Allen West as his VP.

(P.S. This is the segment of video FOX refused to re-air after the debate. The FOX news police are attempting to remove this video from public viewing. Everyone who supports freedom of speech should upload this video.)

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    But if you dont lie cheat steal ,oh I guess Ron Paul is a doctor and American before hes a politician? wow how refreshing! but mitt will win I read it out of a fuckin hat!
    And I go to yahoo to grab some vid footage of south park -mormon episode and ..they have been banned yup cow tow to those muslims (again)yes they committed the islamic sin they portrayed mohamed(in case no one knows this you could be put to death for drawing a fuckin bird ,emulating god?) so no south park for you guys too dangerous!!!!!!!!!!they never show him face in hat would look too ridiculous?

  • Ho Hum… Looks like another “anybody but” vote. Anybody but Obama this time ’round. It’s high time we break the left/right party monopolies with a bonafied third option; Libertarian anyone? I’m really hoping someone believable stands and delivers for a change.

    I’m no Jesus freak but this is a true-blue (pun intended) abomination… err… Obama-Nation. It’s insane how smart Joseph McCarthy looks all these years later.

    • Once again, he’s got it backwards. Paul for president, West for VP and then president. It is going to take Ron Paul (and there isn’t anybody out there that has Paul’s background, experience, and Constitutional record to disentangle us from the parasite economy that is draining the real economy.

      Ron Paul, CPAC 2010, Full Speech

    • My problem with those two picks is that they don’t have the necessary understanding of the two economies that are operating right now. The FIRE economy is killing the real economy and at the rate that Bernanke is trying to save his friends, we are deadmeat.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama shouldn’t even be allowed to run again, because if Trump really investigates him, Trump will find out that Obama is a complete fraud.

    With all of our current politicians complicit in the Obama cover up, how can we trust any of them enough to elect them President.

    Personally I think we should nominate the Red Lemur.

    • BrokenPuppet -

      Red Lemur? I can here it now….
      “Get yur ropes, we’re having ourselves some hangings!!”

  • red lemur -

    now thats not fair !Hangings would only begin after fair trials!ok smart asses let me just ask this, in fair impartial trials by jury’s of real Americans,would any of them walk? BERANKE<GEITNER,dodd,frank,obama,Cheney,bush any of them ?the un if people understood their agenda do you suppose they would be guilty of crimes against the universe?are not all politicians selling out Americas sovereignty guilty of treason?And yes I'm perhaps too cognitive to be pres.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Hangings and drawing and quartering are too good for them. Paint them all as infidels and drop them off in the middle of Iran. Let them have a good look at the scumbags they and their fraudulent leader are supporting.

    Next President, Trump, Romney, Paul, or the Lemur.

    I think I would nominate myself, but we would quickly have a severe missle shortage if I won, and we would be saying, remember when the middle east wasn’t a smouldering hole in the ground and when their used to be an NWO.

    I would also reduce the American population by about 50 Million through legal deportation of all the criminals that have walked across our border while giving us the finger.

    I would also offer an all expense paid one way trip to anywhere for all the liberals, black panthers, communist, union members and muslims who live here while professing to hate this country.

    I would accept no money for being President and would require Senators and Congressmen to also serve America for the honour of serving the people.

    Honestly, I see no one in our current group of politicians in DC who is trust worthy as they are all complicit in the cover up and election of our NWO and Muslim backed communist president.

    Re-elect no one and begin cleaning house in 2012!

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