$8 Trillion In Interest Payments Since 1988

After watching this video from GovernmentGoneWild.org, even ‘C’ student moos will be able to understand why our government is going along with collapsing the dollar and switching over to a world currency. Their ponzi scheme has destroyed the wealth producing engine of this country, namely the middle class, and there is no way in hell (with the current financial systems in place) that we are ever going to be able to pay back all the money these ass-clowns have borrowed on our good names.

If Congress stopped all spending today and did not spend a single nickel on anything else, AND they made payments of $100 million dollars a day, it would take us….389 years just to pay off our national debt.

This is the reason the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished, the credit card they carry for the federal government needs to be shredded to smithereens AND a Constitutional amendment written and passed that forbids a central bank from ever being established again. What a bunch of lying, thieving, pillaging bastards, and we let them do it.

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    we need to take a step back in time,1776
    you mess with the bull………..

  • red lemur -

    in the time it took me to type this the gov spent ,lost, besmirched,stole coveted, however you want to say it, millions of our dollars!
    end the fed
    end the irs
    repeal the patriot act
    stop bending over for the u.n.( in fact send their asses packin!)
    end the five wars!
    rescind zero tolerance
    rescind all illegitimate federal agency’s(they have oversteped their bound’s by a longggg shot)
    stop letting politicans cloud all issues by bringing in ,gay rights ,marjuana,and abortion,all these are personal issues! not the government’s business in any way!!

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