Day: April 10, 2011

AYFKM?: My Choices Are Mitt Romney Or Donald Trump?

The globalists' pick for the pResident to replace Obama, Mitt Romney: ...and now for the real deal: Ron Paul, GOP Debate, 2008 The media had already crowned Mitt Romney when TPTB realized that Americans are on their second cup of coffee and not buying their hand picked puppet. Out trots Donald Trump and the birth certificate issue so that the stupid corporate owned moos will have a choice....meanwhile, the Ron Paul Revolution continues. I hope he runs and picks Allen West as his VP. (P.S. This is the segment of video FOX refused to re-air after the debate. The FOX…
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$8 Trillion In Interest Payments Since 1988

After watching this video from, even 'C' student moos will be able to understand why our government is going along with collapsing the dollar and switching over to a world currency. Their ponzi scheme has destroyed the wealth producing engine of this country, namely the middle class, and there is no way in hell (with the current financial systems in place) that we are ever going to be able to pay back all the money these ass-clowns have borrowed on our good names. If Congress stopped all spending today and did not spend a single nickel on anything else,…
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