Everybody Please Welcome The New Central Bank Of Libya

That was quick.  Not only are we supporting Al qaeda in Libya but now they have a new central bank and oil company before they have even ‘liberated’ the country from their beloved dictator.  I’m having a hard time deciding exactly which alphabet banking system was behind this, the Fed (since they love setting up central banks in the middle east), BIS, IMF, WB, etc.

From The Economic Collapse:

Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

The rebels in Libya are in the middle of a life or death civil war and Moammar Gadhafi is still in power and yet somehow the Libyan rebels have had enough time to establish a new Central Bank of Libya and form a new national oil company.  Perhaps when this conflict is over those rebels can become time management consultants.  They sure do get a lot done.  What a skilled bunch of rebels – they can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night without any outside help whatsoever.  If only the rest of us were so versatile!  But isn’t forming a central bank something that could be done after the civil war is over?  According to Bloomberg, the Transitional National Council has “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”  Apparently someone felt that it was very important to get pesky matters such as control of the banks and control of the money supply out of the way even before a new government is formed.

Of course it is probably safe to assume that the new Central Bank of Libya will be 100% owned and 100% controlled by the newly liberated people of Libya, isn’t it?

Most people don’t realize that the previous Central Bank of Libya was 100% state owned. The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s article on the former Central Bank of Libya….

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) is 100% state owned and represents the monetary authority in The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and enjoys the status of autonomous corporate body. The law establishing the CBL stipulates that the objectives of the central bank shall be to maintain monetary stability in Libya , and to promote the sustained growth of the economy in accordance with the general economic policy of the state.

Since the old Central Bank of Libya was state owned, it was essentially under the control of Moammar Gadhafi.

But now that Libya is going to be “free”, the new Central Bank of Libya will be run by Libyans and solely for the benefit of Libyans, right?

Of course it is probably safe to assume that will be the case with the new national oil company as well, isn’t it?

Over the past couple of years, Moammar Gadhafi had threatened to nationalize the oil industry in Libya and kick western oil companies out of the country, but now that Libya will be “free” the people of Libya will be able to work hand in hand with “big oil” and this will create a better Libya for everyone.


Of course oil had absolutely nothing to do with why the U.S. “inva—” (scratch that) “initiated a kinetic humanitarian liberty action” in Libya.

Hit the link and read the rest.

By Logistics Monster


  • There are only six countries in the world that do not have a Rothchild bank, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, lets see who they hit next. The CFR wants no borders, the North American Union, and a new constitution, which has already been sighed, just as they did in Europe, they also want a one world bank which will belong to the Rothchilds with the CFR Bankers sharing in the good fortune.

    • Virginia Hammon -

      Do you have a source for the information about global bank ownership. I’ve been trying to find one, and it would be enormously helpful to find a reliable reference. Thanks.

      • Sorry, this is the first time I have returned ot this site since I posted thaty. Do you mean the 12 Federal Reserve bankis or the story of Rothchild nd threir banking? I will post here what I have and what I can find for you later or tomorrow.

  • red lemur -

    wow, someones been paying attention and your right across the board my friend, all that globslist bullshit is a front for lucifer the evil alien gene spitting bastards comming back, and yes I’m nuts, I guess cause NO I’m not kidding. check out a search on the matrieya

  • And once again the globalists fail to see the big picture because they are so interested in rolling naked in money. Libya, like Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, and potentially Jordan if Bashar al-Assad continues to go untouched, and Israel doesn’t start taking some initiative during this unrest, is coming under the influence of Iran.

    So while we’re bombing the crap out of Libya in the name of “humanitarianism” Assad kills his people while sitting on a big fat stockpile of ballistic missiles, chemical weapons, and four nuclear sites that no one is inspecting. He’s also trying to manipulate a Hamas/IRG inspired civil war in Jordan. And guess who is going to have a naval base in a Syrian port-of-call? Say it with me…Iran.

    Since our Secretary of Hate Clinton has already said we’re not going to touch Syria that leaves Israel to once again save the world’s collective ass from Islam once again. No wonder the Islamist/OPEC/Arab League run UN is so hell bent on tying Israel’s hands with the whole Falacstinian crap.

    The globalists want to control the oil? They haven’t read their Frank Herbert. Those who can destroy a thing control it. The Muslims are far more motivated, more radicalized, and have most European governments crapping their pants. The globalists lost control of this situation back in 1979 and they still haven’t figured it out, and haven’t asked themselves why we call Constantinople Istanbul.

    The question everyone should be asking themselves is why is Obama helping to facilitate Iranian hegemony in the Middle East? Israel is the only bulwark, and Obama wants her gone.

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