Democrat Senator Opens His Mouth; Stupidity Flies Out

The following statement comes from a democratic United States senator during a rally supporting the $300 million tax dollars that Planned Parenthood receives annually from the federal government. Can we impeach his ass for just plain condescending stupidity?  Since when do the freedoms assured and protected by the Constitution come from an group of elected officials that have been incredibly busy stripping us of all of them?

They don’t deserve the freedoms in the Constitution, but we’ll give it to them anyway. – Senator Frank Lautenberg

Thanks for letting us know, Frank, that you and your elitist friends are going to allow us our Constitutional rights.

By Logistics Monster


  • DT, I scarcely know what to say. WTH is wrong with this guy? HOW is he an elected official, to the US Senate, no less, with such a callous, flimsy understanding of the Constitution?

    Good grief.

    Thanks for covering this!

  • Wake up folks! He is not the only one that believes this. The District of Criminals is FULL of these asswipes that believe the same way! NO,NO,NO, ASSHOLE! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS IN D.C. DON’T DESERVE ANY OF THOSE RIGHTS THAT YOU ARE DESTROYING! DON’T FORGET, ALL OF YOU WORK FOR WE THE PEOPLE!

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