AYFKM?: Taxing Mileage? (UPDATED)

The ends this government will go to in order to ensure that they get their pound of flesh, and that the moos modify their behavior are ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!  It’s time to slam a triple espresso America and mount up.

CBO: Taxing mileage a ‘practical option’ for revenue enhancement

By Pete Kasperowicz – 03/24/11 04:17 PM ET

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) this week released a report that said taxing people based on how many miles they drive is a possible option for raising new revenues and that these taxes could be used to offset the costs of highway maintenance at a time when federal funds are short.

The report discussed the proposal in great detail, including the development of technology that would allow total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to be tracked, reported and taxed, as well as the pros and cons of mandating the installation of this technology in all vehicles.

“In the past, the efficiency costs of implementing a system of VMT charges — particularly the costs of users’ time for slowing and queuing at tollbooths — would clearly have outweighed the potential benefits from more efficient use of highway capacity,” CBO wrote. “Now, electronic metering and billing are making per-mile charges a practical option.”

The report was requested by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), who held a hearing on transportation funding in early March. In that hearing, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the Obama administration is hoping to spend $556 billion over the next six years, much of which would go to federal transportation improvement projects.

Conrad said in response that federal funds are tight, and in asking for recommendations on how to raise that money, he noted the possibility of a VMT tax as a way to solve the problem of collecting less in taxes as people move to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

What an excellent idea considering a gallon of gas is only going to increase exponentially with every Middle Eastern country that caves to globalist schemes and pressure.

I guess you American moos haven’t yet figured out that you all need to be unemployed, on food stamps and waiting in the bread lines for your overlord to promise you free gas and rent while your children starve to death.  Hurry up already!  Stop being so resourceful!  Stop being so resilient and just roll over for the NWO globalists!

How The World Works: March 25, 2011 News and Mileage Tax:

By Logistics Monster


  • californiapatriot -

    If every American stood up and told these son’s of bitches “no more”, this crap would end. When are the American people going to stand together?

    • It’s already started. Some of us have been at it since the winter of 2008. It’s taken 3 yrs for the rest to catch up but the train is unstoppable now.

  • red lemur -

    this makes me want to change my fileing status to exempt,keep MY money and choke starve and cripple these f-ing bastards and lets face it folks.Have you noticed them make even one of our fuckin catastropies any better?Is our eco. any better are we safer,is their less terrorism,are our borders secure? Are we protected from the un or the wold bank? And the survey says fuck noo
    maybe we should stop mooing and yup ,stand up and say NOT IN OUR HOUSE!

  • Leaping Spark -

    This also is part of the grand scheme to limit the mobility of the American people. It won’t be long and most of us won’t be able to afford the cost of travel except back and forth to work.

    So lets all sit down shut up and take our medicine like good little NWO Comrades.

    Americans no longer have the guts to defend themselves any more as we have become little more then worker bees serving the hive Queen Obama.

    When 40% of your population wants NWO Communism, 20% wants freedom and 40% don’t care one way or another as they have their heads buried in the sand, it creates a dilemma with no easy answer.

    Obama should be impeached for a multitude of violations of the Constitution, plus the fact that he is not eligible to be president in the first place, yet the Congress does nothing.

    Taxing our mileage is just another way to snuff out our humanity and desire for freedom as we become slaves to the NWO controlled Communist Party USA.

    It won’t be long and they will be taxing the air we breath.

    Politicians are parasites and should be treated as such!

  • Why am I not surprised? This is just one more step in the takeover. Mark my words, by the time Nov.2012 comes around there will be no more elections. It has been so easy for TPTB to tromp on us with their stooge Obama in control that they will just say “game’s over” and move the pawns (us moos) off the chessboard into the fema camps. Suit up, moos, and grab your shovel since you’ll be required to clean up after yourself.

  • red lemur -

    this is really not the place for this com. but dt has been ahead of “the curve” on finance for some time,not just finance!anyhoo check drudge and notice the warnings about the moooonicipal bonds markets”frauds” hmm ?
    newsflash HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!
    think this will work out like it allways does they make the mess we clean it up!

  • red lemur -

    oh and I WONT be going off to FEMA camp anytime ! exept in one of thethose premade ready stacked coffins I’ve seen

  • Well, wouldn’t that be double taxation in most states? After all, they tax the fuel we use for highway projects. I am sure the nations truckers will shut down, and if everyone else stops driving, then what will those asswipes do? There is a former law maker here in Californication who also owns a large car dealership, who wants to revamp the state retirement system, but exempts all the lawmakers from the same rules……”LET THEM EAT CAKE!”

  • Leaping Spark -

    Fellow Patriots ya’ll better get used to increased taxes because the Communist, Muslim Obama believes he can tax you 100% of your income, and as Moochelle said in a speech ” Americans don’t need much” indicating that the government should take all of your wealth and redistribute it to those that don’t work, giving all just enough to survive while she is cramming steak and lobster down that hideous mug of hers.

    Washington DC is a stinking, smelling, rotten cesspool, that needs to be pumped clean and refilled with real Americans, not Elitist Commies, Muslims, and Black Militants who support illegal immigration,and worst of all desecrate our Constitution.

    America is 40% scumbags, 40% people who don’t give a damn, and 20% patriots, I know where I fit in, do you?

    Enough said!

  • I love this guy’s videos and in this one, he mentions that mileage tax. This video is a reaction to Earth Hour which is from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight (Saturday). If my power goes out, I’ll really be pissed. If it doesn’t, I plan to turn all the lights on in and outside of the house.


  • oh, and HOW BRAIN DEAD is the CBO???? Are they frkking INSANE? Do they really think this one will fly? I would love to know whose idea this was, just how brain dead they are, and why they would even think such an insane idea would float. I would then like to know WHY this individual should not be jailed for life for abject stupidity, ignorance of our Constitution and insensitivity to the American people.

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