Glenn Beck Devoting An Entire Hour To The Federal Reserve’s Beginnings

I just received this message via email from G. Edward Griffin about Glenn Beck devoting his entire Friday show to the Federal Reserve and it’s founding at Jekyll Island.  Hopefully, Beck will do right by Mr. Griffin’s research and let millions of Americans in on the dirty little secret of the globalists from way back in 1910.  For those that still have not seen Mr. Griffin’s 1994 lecture on this subject, you can find the videos on “The Fed” page at the top of this blog, or just hit this link.


The Creature from Jekyll Island

On Friday 2011 March 25, the entire Glenn Beck show will be devoted to an exposé of the Federal Reserve. I was invited to be a guest on the program and, when it was taped last Tuesday, I was amazed to find that Beck, not only has read the book but praised it highly. In fact, almost his entire opening monologue was based on the information and, in some cases, the very same phrases used in the book and in my lectures. I was delighted to know that someone, either Beck or his researchers, had spent a great deal of time studying The Creature from Jekyll Island. But what is even more encouraging is that several million viewers will be exposed to an hour of economic and monetary truth. This will bring us a giant step closer to actually slaying the Creature.

The reason I am writing to you is that this media exposure will open up many minds that previously were closed on this topic. Now is the time to reach out to friends, neighbors, and leaders with an invitation to read the book. We must strike while the iron is hot. So I am putting the book on special sale for the next week to encourage you to acquire a few extra copies either to give away or sell. Through the rest of March, the book, which retails at $24.50 alone or $19.60 with any additional purchase, will be on sale for $19.50 alone or $15.60 with additional purchase. We still have about 50 copies left of the previous 4th edition, and those will be on sale this week as long as they last for $14 in any quantity.

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By Logistics Monster


  • Will he pay you for all the work and research you have done?

  • red lemur -

    ok this is a topic that REALLY GETS MY GOAT! Glen Beck is a piece of crap, only interested in makeing money from our misfortune ! Fuck glen beck with a capitol f and then theirs the plagiarism ,inexcusable! And then theres the selective reporting ,he knows the lucifarians are vieing for control of the planet ,the depopulating and policing by the un and and do we hear about that no probably not cause it wont sell his books!When shit comes to shove he be on their side not mine

  • Diamond, there is not another soul living that has more respect for you than I do and it is very sad that you do not get the credit you deserve for your work.

    With that said I have been all over the map with my feelings about Beck. I will say that I first started watching him when he was on CNN, had never heard of him but the reporting he was doing scared me beyond belief. I am not sure if he was getting his information from another source at the time but he was the one with the forum.

    I will also say that I feel I know you well enough to understand any hurt you might feel about him using your work but you are also the kind of person who just wants the word out. Being who I am I trust with all my heart that karma will give you the credit you so justly deserve.

    I still do not know if I trust him but with the rumors he may leave Fox and possibly start his own cable channel he may yet be able to redeem himself, time will tell.

    In the meantime all who visit here know you and your work,and I thank God you do what you do.

    • I’m just a bit ticked that he swipes stuff from bloggers all over the net, just not myself, and doesn’t give credit where it is due – probably because he believes that we have no credibility. As for wanting the information out there – definitely – I just want to make sure that he doesn’t spin G. Edward’s research in some weird way or leave out vital information that the corporate moos need to make the transition to a sound currency.

      I no longer trust Beck in the slightest – after watching him follow Alex Jones w/o the credit due to InfoWars. THAT is not walking in the light.

      Any minute now – you will be hearing about Soros and the second Bretton Woods,3.3.2011 – which was broken by another blogger and researched by me….waiting…waiting….waiting….

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