FreedomWatch, 3.21.2011: Libya, A Third Un-Constitutional War

The judge interviews Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich about Libya, the third un-Constitutional war that America has currently become involved in WITHOUT a Congressional declaration.

I want to know when they are actually going to impeach Obama for going to the UN Security Council instead of Congress for permission to get involved in this UN maneuver.

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    ok so no love for kadafi he’s been a pain in our asses long enough ,ought to go the way of sadam hoozit dead guy! but un, ok I’m not going to swear ,I’m going to be mature and quiet.No ranting but I would however like to ask any older people out there,since when do the freaking frogs(I mean ,um,the french people) beat us to battle? Or maybe no one remembers oh ww2 .And I also find It very ironic that the last time we bombed libiya I seem to recall something about the FRENCH EMBASSY,!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Unfortunately the average American does not realize that the turmoil happening in Egypt, Libya and many of the other Muslim countries is by design. In 1999 I was told by a very wealthy and educated American Muslim that Americans were stupid, weak and just a bunch of sheep.

    He also explained that Muslims were going to infiltrate the highest offices of the land within the next 10 years and that they had a great leader in training. He said that the Muslim brotherhood had decided that it would be easier to take over American by using our own judicial system against us rather then the sword to bring America under Muslim rule and Sharia Law.

    All of the countries that are loosing their dictators will soon be ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood along with the worlds oil supply.

    Everything this particular individual yelled out to anyone willing to listen has come to pass.

    There are Muslims everywhere in our government from the President to judges, congressmen, and appointed officials. Obama has successfully used his position as President to fill our government with Muslims and Communist, he has also locked down our oil supplies making us completely reliant on the Muslim Brotherhood for oil. The chaos that the Muslim arrogantly bragged about in 1999 is coming to pass.

    If Americans continue to do nothing I fear we will fall under the barbaric laws of both Communism and Sharia law. As I have said before we are caught in the middle of two forces wanting to destroy us, NWO Communism and Islam.

    We have two choices, bury our heads in the sand and accept our fates, or stand up to our aggressors like our founding fathers.

    Our enemies are now both foreign and domestic and they grow stronger while we do nothing.

    Our Congress and Senate are both spineless as they allow the Communist, Muslim Obama to circumvent them any time he chooses as he wipes his ass with our Constitution.

    Baaaaa Baaaaa America!

  • Leaping Spark -

    News Flash: Muslim brotherhood taking control of Egypt, Libya is next. Obama is aiding in the demise of the United States by using his authority to empower the Muslim Brotherhood. Soon he and his Muslim brothers will tighten the screws on the flow of oil even more.

    Impeach him now!

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