Cherri Foytlin Has A Powerful Message

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I needed to know at that point, if my country and what I believed about my country was real, and I got my answer.  It’s not.  It’s not.  We no longer are a free society.  The corporations are the people, and we’re under them.  I have no voice.  That was the lesson.

I will not, under any circumstances, let my babies grow up in a world where greed and money is more important than their life. – Cherri Foytlin

Cherri Foytlin has joined ‘The Road To Washington’ walk to make the District of Criminals hear the voices of the stricken Gulf region. Her message is poignant and powerful, and there are the makings of a leader in yet another ‘mom on a mission’.



You can read Cherri’s story here.



By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    I am so glad to see America waking up. Is it too little too late? Lets hope not.

    • America is awake and having it’s morning coffee. As the debt crisis, money printing, and food prices pressure the American wallet – you’ll see more and more people getting more and more vocal. Add to that, Chairman Zero’s total abdication of any form of leadership – we have the perfect storm.

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