Jim Berkland Predicts Imminent North American Quake

USGS World Earthquake Map 3.16.2011

Listen up folks; if living in the Hawaiian Islands has taught me anything, it’s to pay attention to the seismic movements of the plates in the Ring of Fire. Since the devastating Japan earthquake last week, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop either here on the Big Island or somewhere else along the ring. The energy from the plates shifting is just pinging around the entire area.  Chile, New Zealand, Japan…

Now Jim Berkland (of 1989 San Fran earthquake prediction fame), while speaking with Neil Cavuto yesterday, is predicting that North America will experience a massive earthquake sometime between March 19th and March 26 as the moon will be closer to the earth than it has been in 19 years and other natural ‘pre-earthquake’ events are occurring.

By Logistics Monster


  • Watch for more dead fish. If only dead anchovies could speak… I have noticed every time there are dead fish or dead birds the earth is rattling somewhere. Could be just my imagination but what do I know. I am just a peon without thought.

  • Breathtaking. I read that the Obama’s are flying off to Rio. Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and all his extended family, Warren Buffet and his family, Bill Gates and his family have already left the country and or are leaving the country in the next couple days. Watch who leaves next. Thanks for that story.

  • red lemur -

    let the elites go live with lucifer, fuck um!more important news would be RADIATION!gee anybody ever hear the description of the insemination of mother mary, “like light through a vessel”.I think when people think of radiation they think of dust or gas think ..a light that penetrates everything. my point is how long till that radiation is everywhere hey remember ddt? 1oooo miles aint fer enuogh fer me! and all you coasties eat you iodine !and remember the japanese are there!
    this pic breaks my heart, and why the fuck are’nt they dumping shit loads of concrete on those fucking reactors , Are humans insane (retorical)?

  • They can run but they can’t hide. In case they’ve forgotten, the world is ROUND…that means that, sooner or later…everything that GOES around COMES around…India is no better off than we, and possibly worse. Nobody gets out alive…it just takes some longer than others…

  • I pray that this prediction will not come to pass, this world needs to heal from all that has happen.

    Dame you are so right they can not hide and while tptb may think they know what is coming next I trust that the true Master has his own plans and his will be done.

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