It Might Be Time To Move

Great, just great; a new Kileaua fissure has opened up. Between this and the vog, it might be time to move. (H/T Hawaii Free Press)

USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Geologists discovered this new eruption as it begun about 5PM HST Saturday evening March 5, 2011. The aerial shots came about ten minutes after the eruption began. The view is to the south west (towards Ka`u).

The helicopter then sets down and the video shows images of fresh lava bubbling and hissing through the “tephra” surface.

The location is between Pu`u `O`o and Napau Crater about ten miles east of the Jaggar Center at Volcanoes National Park HQ. There are no structures in the area.

By Logistics Monster


  • Between the volcanic fissures and the economic and socialist abyss being created by AberCommie, there are numerous reasons why it may be time to move from Hawaii!

  • Hi Diamond – I hope this isn’t near your home. I’ll be thinking about you and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  • Grail Guardian -

    Just serves as a reminder that there are forces much stronger and more volatile than man.

    Get the heck out of there!

  • red lemur -

    I’m laughing,no it’s NOT near our house or anyone elses!(until it really begins to flow) and then the people in hawaian acres and montain veiw are in danger! but we live no where near there ( we sta da udda side yeah) But the vog now that is another story and it’s tick an chokin brah. going to post pics of the vog bear in mind the discharge has been above 300000 ton a day no thats not a typo!but no worrys we sta alert and ready! kinda like with everything else,we lurk!

  • O/T – I didn’t know where else to put this. Sorry if I goofed, but I am anxious to know what Diamond and RL think about the proposed Million Muslim March scheduled at Anacostia Park in Wash D C on July 4th. THIS IS OUR PATRIOTIC HOLIDAY. What audacity for them to feel that they can take it over.

    I’m freaking out. By the comments on Gateway Pundit, I wouldn’t be surprised to see big trouble.

    • LogisticsMonster -

      Oh that post is coming Lee!!! Had something come up and am working on a new AYFKM?!!

  • RedLemur -

    hm, what do I think I think I cant tell you what I think cause I think da thought police would be at my door! I’m thinking of showing my war face though, and I’m thinking ,it’s convincing, and possilby even SCARY! so look for this soon!

  • ****BREAKING*****
    Turn your TV on. Tsunami watch for Hawaii.
    Japan had a 8.8 earthquake and tsunami happening right now. 7.1 aftershocks. Five SO FAR. AFTERSHOCKS STILL GOING ON.
    Live tsunami.

  • Breaking Pacific coast of Japan. Tsunami to hit many countries and Hawaii.

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