Health Ranger Strikes Again: ‘The Fluoride Deception’

Full length mini-documentary from TheHealthRanger, Mike Adams of the Consumer Wellness Center. Make sure to send this video around and ask your doctor and dentist why they are still behind using fluoride when it is toxic hazardous waste and considered an act of terrorism if dumped into the water system.

Video Information and full transcript here.

By Logistics Monster

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  • red lemur - ok buy reverse osmosis mach here no more bullshit in your water!furthermore just what will it take (poison my kids maybe)and to all those that say our gov is good and great LOOKup the history were shady as shit!
    for me i say no more mr nice moo! p.s. dont trust anything starts with three letters,fda,epa,irs fbi cia ,tsa, dhs and ya hows my file commin ,fuck you very much!

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