Alex Jones’ Message For Glenn Beck & The Globalists

As many Monster readers know, Glenn Beck appears to use (uncredited) research from bloggers (ahem…), but mainly from Alex Jones’ Infowars and PrisonPlanet.TV. Beck has been blaming the very far left (Van Jones, etc.) and George Soros for the globalist agenda when readers here know that there is yet another ‘unknown’ level of shadow players behind the ass-clowns that are part of the Bohemian Grove and Bilderbergers. My money has always been on whoever actually owns and runs the Bank of International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, (like we will ever know, but I digress).

Alex Jones has been contacted by a major magazine that is doing a piece on Glenn Beck to document the research that has been obtained from and then spun. Alex goes into a bit about what has already been documented and then lets Glenn have it for being a total establishment actor who is continuing to reinforce the left/right paradigm instead of speaking the truth about the actual chess-players that are turning the world’s population in serfs.

We have a global government run by private banking cartels that’s taken over our nation, and Glenn, we cannot allow you to blame it all on a mid-level nobody like Van Jones and tell us he is the top of the pyramid. Glenn, I’ll really start to believe in you when you do a show on Rupert Murdoch admittedly being one of the key people behind the move for global carbon taxes to fund this new private world government. And I want to tell the globalists something; you think Glenn Beck has co-opted my message and my information? No. This door swings both ways, this is a two way street, a double-edged sword. We are only getting more viewers and more listeners because of Glenn Beck. People are using him as a doorway and then they are finding the real bona fide information.

If you haven’t read this article yet, I suggest you do so now because then you might actually be able to grasp how FUBAR we are. The Tea Party vs. The Master Class

By Logistics Monster


  • Thanks for posting this, DT. Currently reading your linked article, TPP vs. TMC. Very interesting. Still in the process of waking up. One eye is open and the other is halfway open. I’m getting there, thanks to you and I really appreciate your efforts.

    • Wow, thanks for pointing that out because no, I didn’t notice. I still have one eye half closed, you know, and still in the process of waking up. I’m starting to get it but I don’t like it.

      Some people don’t want to know the truth because they can’t handle the truth. Others have always known about The Powers That Be and that they pretty much run things but what’s hard to accept is that they seem to want to destroy the country that made them rich. It seems self-defeating so why would anyone want to do that? Seems to defy logic but the truth isn’t that simple. That’s why your job is so difficult trying to explain the facts of life to sleepy critters.

      • Now you know why I have been running around for over a year yelling ‘FIRE!’. That article confirmed what I suspected and the math cannot be argued with.

  • Could someone try to figure out Alex JONES as to why he spends some of his very precious time to be be so much in a fit or uncontrolable RAGE about Glenn Beck and even Michelle Malkin.
    For an intelligent man, how could he not know he looks like at the brink of a heart attact!

  • Practical Madman -

    Before I go on, let me say that I have the utmost respect for Alex Jones and love him for the work he does in waking up the sheeple. That being said, let me expand on that thought. EVERYONE that we see or hear on the airwaves of any kind is there by the graces of the powers that be. Alex is still alive because he is doing a job.

    Alex talks about Glenn’s fake crying, then he goes on to do the same thing. Most of his emotional rants are acting. He is a pied piper just like Glenn. Read this article by Leonard Horowitz for more info on this:
    It seems that Alex put off doing business with Horowitz, then came up with a similar product made by a major pharma company!
    In my opinion Alex spends way too much time pushing sliver, that many times is so far below the going price, with free shipping and free movies. There is much talk of fake silver going around and that is what I think he is pushing.

    Now I think Alex is the greatest voice we have out there, and his job is important, but we MUST not follow ANYONE blindly and do our own research on EVERYTHING that is going on.

  • while refraining from commenting on alex glen and the rest of them i think they all chase the ambulance for a profit.
    however dt and i have an investigative dream team.jesse ventura,alex jones,and brad meltzer . i think this team would lend credece to the field of actual reporting,that now is referred to as “conspiracy”.ok i lied i cannot refrain glen is one lieing piece of fecal material hase that ambulance glen you peckerpuffer!

  • rl wants to take time to let all readers know ,logistics monster is the brainchild and property of diamond tiger (my upper half)and all you see ,read ,all research,in essence all you see here is the WORK of one person .no research teams ,no secretarial pools,no help from me(in fact I could’nt help I dont have the skills.and in fact i’m sure most times i’m a distraction.)just wanted to take time to say thank you dt I’m very proud of you ,and I love you very much! and to all those out there who read everyday (and never make any contribution) throw in a chip when ya can, ya stingy bastards!

  • Ah, who cares who gets the message out to the mainstream. These times are full of spiritual warfare. Alex gets his info from someone else too. Alex is a big cry baby. His show is all commercials. Most people would not watch his show and if he’s so into saving America he should be grateful to Beck for helping get the word out. Besides Beck’s delivery is much better. I think Alex is jealous. He drinks, smokes and can’t live without coffee unlike Beck. Alex has lots to be jealous about. So Beck picks up the ball and runs with it. It sure beats people pretending they don’t hear you. We went through that during the 2008 vote theft and it s*cks.

  • red lemur -

    ok , not sure what coffee and cigarettes have to do with politics? furthermore we round here would see that as your right to chose what you do! hm are you one of those trying to be a social engineer or something you twit, you just might be on the wong site..beat it!

  • FreedomFairy -

    IIRC, and I do – RBO and Aaron Klein had a few problems with Glenn as well.

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