Lindsey Williams On Middle East Oil, China, Russia, The Dollar Collapse, & The Federal Reserve Double Cross

(Editor’s Note: For those wondering, silver is now at $33.40 an ounce.)

Alex Jones interviewed Lindsey Williams about the unrest in the middle east which will stop oil production and the plan by the elites to open up America’s oil fields when the price of oil is driven to at least $200 a barrel. He also covers the collapse of the dollar by the end of 2012 (we know it’s going to be sooner), and the deal in the 1970’s that Henry Kissinger made with OPEC to buy T-bills which will become completely worthless when the dollar collapses.  The globalists have been planning this for decades; ponder how the Arab world is going to fit into the globalist mix when nobody wants their oil, their leverage goes out the window, and they aren’t as rich as they used to be?

…1977 through 1981, an agreement was made by the then secretary of state with the OPEC oil producing countries of the world, in particular, the Middle East. They had found oil there about 60 years ago. Each one of the major oil companies, Shell, Texaco, Standard Oil, Chevron, divided the Arab world and each one of them produced an oil field. Then, of course, they became the elite, the ones that had the most and were doing the most. Then Henry Kissinger comes along as secretary of state, goes to those countries that had been produced by the major oil companies. Read the book ‘The Three Sisters’ if you’d like background on all of this, and he said, ‘I want to cut you a deal. We will be glad to buy your oil and NOT produce American oil.’ This is so important what you just said; the key to the whole thing. ‘We will not produce America’s oil fields…we will buy oil from you IF you will take a certain portion of everything that we buy oil from you and buy our t-bills, the Federal Reserve issues.’

Mr. Williams goes on to explain the planned death of the American dollar after the price of a gallon of gas skyrockets because the middle eastern countries can no longer produce oil due to civil unrest.

Here is the plan of the elite. They in turn will begin to open up America’s oil fields that they have known for years; they have known for twenty to thirty years that they existed. They are going to open these oil fields and produce from America’s own soil. Why? Because Mr. Frohm (?) said to me back in 1976; never forget the conversation, he said, “Chaplain, we will not open the Gull Island oil field and produce it for the American people until we have gotten the price of crude oil to $150 to $200 a barrel.

He then covers how none of this will affect China because of a recent agreement that was reached with Russia for all of their oil and natural gas.

Alex and Lindsey continue to stress the preparations needed for us corporate-owned moos to actually survive the endgame onslaught of the globalists that is rapidly approaching.  Remember those rocks I keep talking about?  Are you ready?

By Logistics Monster


  • We should be on the steps of Congress demanding the drill to begin now….how would the elite like us asking before they are ready? Nothing like throwing a wrench into a well layed plan. I keep seeing folks saying there are more of us than them. We need to step up as we are being stepped on.

  • We’ve been lied to for years, and it won’t change under Obama. No matter what party captured the presidency, the electorate has still, down through the last thirty or forty years at least, been used as a doormat for TPTB. The Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the CFR, etc – they’re all under the same umbrella, and the average American is left out in the rain and being dripped on from the run-off from their umbrellas.

    Now comes Obama, who is the worst offender of all, since he isn’t even
    American. How humilitating to be tromped on by an alien being who usurped an election with the help of these same entities.

    With the current strife in the mid-east and North Africa, who knows what the oil fields will look like in a few months. If Ghadafi really sets fire to the ones in Libya, will that tempt the rioters in the other Arab states to follow suit? This would sure put a kink in the long lasting plans of Kissinger and friends.

    Thanks for this info, Diamond. It seems that ever day we learn something new here. It blows my mind, and I know that my headache will never go away. Unfortunately, it is accompanied by a heart-ache knowing we’ve been pawns in a dirty, foul chess game for all these years.

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