‘Let Them Eat Kale’

Dale over at OutOfOrderBlog has nailed the essence of the FLOTUS with this lovely portrait of Mishy Antoinette and her royal pronouncement for fiber rich foods to be fed to us peasants (whether we like it or not).

'Royal Roughage'

(H/T to the RedLemur for the outstanding idea.)

By Logistics Monster


  • she is just another LIAR in a HOST of LIARS in this administration !!
    but OBAMA is the biggest HABITUAL LIAR of them all !!!!

  • Could a larger evil be perpetuated on the American people? Surely millions will die as a result of a severely reduced intake of fat and a large jump in the intake of vitamins A & K, calcium, iodine, potassium and iron. Shocking!

  • This BIdoubleitch is out of control. You captured her real attitude, that of an angry, ugly, racist bitch! See needs to be told to just shut the f**k up!!

  • Kale used to be one of my favorite vegetables. Now I wonder if I can stand to eat it again after viewing that photo.

    She looks like some voo-doo priestess mixing her potions. Yuck!!!!!

    What the royal couple of oblahs preach and what they practice are two different things. Did you read the menu of their superbowl celebration? hese arre two of the greatest liars I have ever been exposed to.

  • People are all the same.Listen to what they say and watch what they do.
    The scary part about it is that they are suppose to be the model family of the country, so when the lie is so clear, what happens to our our youths who are so vulnerable.

  • grail dont you mean klingon boob belt she rareley goes without it!
    sorry mr-o used to think it was an oh but now realize its a zero you piece and no michy and the girls aint off limits ! cause ,is my family you fuckin piece of shitmeyer?

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