Day: February 15, 2011

German Deutsche Boerse AG Takes Over The NYSE

How many more indicators does the average American need to realize that we are in freefall with the rocks dead ahead? The globalist march continues as banks buy each other up and merge stock trading indexes. I read about this story last week, and today, a german bank has taken controlling interest of the symbol of America's economic power. What does that say about the collapse of America? German Bank Nears Purchase of NYSE Wednesday, 09 Feb 2011 11:38 AM Deutsche Boerse AG is in advanced talks to buy NYSE Euronext in an all-stock transaction that would create the world’s…
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Catherine Austin Fitts On The Dangers Of A 401(k) In This Economic Climate

Catherine Austin Fitts on Financial Survival Radio (1.16.2011) on why her money is NOT in a 401(k) and how the federal government is salivating over yours. I have written extensively about the government seizing your 401(k), (and the leftist think tank behind it), and using the last $8 trillion in American's wealth to keep the ponzi scheme going. Check the related links at the bottom of the post. Solari Report; Proposals For Annuitization: By David Liechty October 13, 2010 Download a PDF version of this article Introduction Over the past few years, various proposals for annuitization of 401(k) and IRA…
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‘A Day In The Park’

Alex Jones breaks down the recently submitted 'A Day In The Park' video entrant to the 'The Answer to 1984 is 1776' contest. 'The Answer To 1984 Is 1776' contest: The answer to 1984 is 1776 The posters have been created. Now go out and put them on every legal surface. Make the public ask questions. Go for a Victory walk. Spread the V! Alex Jones invites you to produce videos defending our natural rights against the onslaughts of the New World Order. Others may be viewed on Alex’s Facebook page. CONTEST RULES: Video must be uploaded to You Tube…
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