What’s Next For Egypt? (2.10.2011)

Egypt Today, 2.10.2011

With the coalition of islamic jihadists, American marxists, communists, and anti-capitalists using the Egyptian youth as a hammer, one can only wonder how long before Egypt looks like Iran in 1979?  (H/T RedLemur for the visual idea.)

From NY Times:

Mubarak Refuses to Step Down

Suleiman Tells Furious Crowds to Go Home

Wired and Shrewd, Young Egyptians Guide Revolt

Headlines from Drudge:

Mubarak Hangs Tough...
VP Urges Protestors to Ignore Media, and Go Home...
CIA Panetta Confused: Said Strong likelihood Mubarak would 'step down tonight'...
March to palace being organized...

By Logistics Monster


  • californiapatriot -

    I’ve heard that Mubarak was trying to modernize Egypt, and that’s why he’s gone. They will probably do just like they did in Iran. Also, that may be why they got rid of Saddam.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Egypt will go the way of Iran and our Muslim, Communist, POS President will back the the Muslim Brotherhood all the way. The mask was off Obonzo before the election of 2008 yet America was stupid enough to elect an illegal alien President.

    Now he and his commie buddies in Washington are marching to the tune of radical Islam and Communism under the direction of Soros and his NWO.

    Lets throw the Islam loving commie bums out in 2012, drill here, drill now, break our dependence on the Muslim world for oil, and close our borders after throwing all of the illegal aliens, commies, and America hating Muslims out of the country.

    If the Communist and Muslims don’t like it too f@&*ing bad!

    America doesn’t need them anyway.

    Enough said!

  • californiapatriot -

    Maybe we need to stop focusing on the Muslims. That’s what the globalists want us to do. The Muslims ARE NOT OUR ENEMY! The people running this world ARE! Very few get it. Fight, fight, fight amongst ourselves while “they” watch and laugh and continue to destroy the world through wars. Divide and conquer, that’s their motto.

    We are ALL at the mercy of “them”. Start having compassion for one another. If we stopped fighting between ourselves regarding left/right, Muslim/Christian, etc. the globalists would have far less power over us.

    • And you would be correct. One must stop looking at the players that are being televised and look at the guys moving the pieces on the chessboard. We know who they are and are now aware of their influence.

          • According to Yahoo News, Hillary Clinton thinks we should give financial aid to each of the protest groups and also give them help in organizing their people to prepare for the coming elections.

            Community Organizer, anyone?

            At a time when we are experiencing the greatest period of un-employment ever, and prices on all commodities are increasing daily, she wants to bleed us a little more for her NWO friends. While we are focused on Oblahblah, Madame Secretary is steadily building her own agenda. We need to watch her closely. Where does she plan to get all this moncy that she wants to give the protesters? By all means, raise the debt ceiling and borrow, borrow, borrow.

            Make Schwartz/Soros plans move that much faster.

  • californiapatriot -

    I’m not sure if you mean for the whole world or what.

    However, there is no hope for the world financial system. They could declare bankruptcy, but they won’t. Maybe, however, there are some good and very rich people in this world who are not going to allow the sociopaths to destroy us. Have you heard of the “white hats”?

    Maybe there are things happening right now, such as switching to the Chinese Yuan, etc.

    Have you heard much from obama or his cohorts lately? Seems to be kinda quiet…

  • Leaping Spark -

    Don’t focus on the Muslims, these 7th century barbarians are going to rule the world by the word or by the sword.

    The whole deal in Egypt was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and our President and many other politicians backed them.

    Right now the NWO commies and Muslims are forming an unholy alliance which will be used to bring us all to our knees. Obama is a key part of the equation in America as he probably is both a Commie and a Muslim.

    The Arab countries will fall like dominoes as radical Islam takes control of them one by one.

    Israel is in as much danger now as they were when the Nazis and Islam formed their unholy alliance in the forties, and we all know how that turned out.

    All of the civilized countries will fall one by one under the heel of communism.

    In the end which form of slavery will it be, Communism or Islam.

    These great evils will eventually turn on one another like two pit bulls fighting for control of the world.

    At this point I don’t see any way out for Jews and Christians as we are in the cross hairs of both the Communist NWO and the Muslims.

    Shackles are shackles whether they are forged by Islam or the NWO. May they rest lightly on our bodies.

  • californiapatriot -

    Hey, I have a great idea, why don’t we just sterilize all the Muslims. We can’t seem to bomb them to death or kill them off with depleted uranium, so sterilization might be a better way!

    Then all we’ll have to worry about are the hateful Christians, Jews, Zionists, and bankers. I’m not sure how we’ll get rid of them…

  • Don’t give Oblahblah any credit for what happened in Egypt. The Egyptian military is the leading power in Egypt, and has been since the 50’s. The treaty with Israel allowed the military to spread its investment into the private sector. Now a rather large portion of the Egyptian economy is controlled by the very people who currently control the country. If the generals thought Mubarak could maintain order he would still be in charge. Clearly that is no longer the case. Anyone who assumes power as a result of elections will have done so at the army’s consent. All the generals have to do is keep kissing American ass.

    As far as the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned, I would imagine that a lot of those guys will start disappearing over the next few months. No one gives a crap what Obama wants. The MB is bad for business. Let’s not overcomplicate this.

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