Dominique Dy Sings The National Anthem

Damn…just damn! Whenever patriots start to lose hope, watch this video of eight year old, Dominique Dy, singing the national anthem.

A hair-raising performance by 8 year old Dominique Dy singing the Star Spangled Banner / National Anthem for Nashville Outlaws baseball team at Hawkins Field / Vanderbilt University’s (Commodores) baseball stadium in Nashville, Tennessee (TN) on 07/25/2010.

7 thoughts on “Dominique Dy Sings The National Anthem”

  1. First thing- why can we not have the anthem sung like that at major sporting events? Second thing is it made me a little homesick hearing her sing. I just miss Nashville. As a constant mover I lived there longer than anywhere else. I am sad I moved away…but God has another plan for me somewhere else. A place where they still honor what it is to be an American; just look how they handled the floods. I still have many friends there and maybe, just maybe I’ll make it back there one day.

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