Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: ‘The Georgia Guidestones’ (Full Video)

Brad Meltzer’s ‘Decoded’ team investigates the mystery surround the ‘Georgia Guidestones’. This writer still does not know what to make of the monument and the theories surrounding it, though I do wonder why anyone would go to so much trouble and financial outlay unless it was rather important.

I am posting the vid for those readers that no longer can afford cable and television, and who are relying on the internet to stay informed.  (H/T WakeUpToTheNWO)

By Logistics Monster


  • Judy Morgan -

    Thank you for putting this on your website. This is very informative,but I really would like to know more. I think someone knows more than what is being said.I hope that someone keeps investigating the Georgia Guidestones.

  • For some odd reason I do not think they will wait for 12/2012. Just a gut feeling even though they have been patient up til now something just does not feel right with the world at the moment.

  • mike adams -

    If JESUS was a man that became a god then what is he talking about when he said “THE FATHER HAS SENT ME’? and “THE FATHER AND I OR ONE”? Do you understand my question?
    WhY did BRAD say Ted Turner is the greatest man ? WICKED! It was odd the way he said that!

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