AYFKM?: The Hubris Of McCain, Kerry, And The Senate

AYFKM?  Even dopey corporate owned moo that I am, I understand good manners…this ain’t it…

From TheHill.com

Kerry, McCain pass resolution calling for transition in Egypt

Two key senators offered and passed a resolution on Thursday that calls for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to hand over power to a caretaker government.

The resolution offered by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) also call for elections and urges that Egypt’s military demonstrate “maximum professionalism and restraint” in working to restore order.

In a floor speech, McCain warned that the situation in Egypt could turn into a “genuine massacre.”

“We cannot afford that, and we must do everything in our power to see that it stops,” McCain said. “This is a seminal moment in the history of the Middle East and the world. We are seeing an uprising and a movement that spread across the entire Middle East.”

McCain called for Mubarak to give up power on Wednesday following a meeting at the White House with President Obama.

Protests in the streets of Cairo on Thursday were violent for a second day in a row as forces loyal to and against Mubarak’s government battled in the streets.

Kerry said all stakeholders in Egypt must respect human rights.

“We urge the parties involved to take every step possible to avoid violence and to respect the rights of the people in Egypt to assemble, to express their rights, to fight for and demonstrate for a transition in their lives and in their country,” said Kerry.

This is the first resolution to be offered by any senators on the crisis in Egypt. Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) quickly joined as cosponsors.

The Senate passed the resolution by unanimous consent Thursday night.

1. Do you think a dictator with a 30 year run cares what these ass-clowns think?

2. I wonder how much more pissed the Egyptian people will be when they hear of this arrogance.

3. When will the U.S. Federal Government understand that they aren’t all that and that they can’t just do whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want?

By Logistics Monster


  • Sandmonkey’s Last Post


    @Sandmonkey #Sandmonkey and my brother have been released but badly beaten by Mubarak’s militia, the broke my brother’s teeth.

    1334: Ahmed Rasheed in Cairo tells the BBC: “Two of my friends have been arrested – one is the blogger Sandmonkey. They were trying to get food and medical supplies. These thugs [supporters of Mubarak] are arresting people and delivering them to the secret police. I was at the protest last night and I got injured after a stone was thrown at my head. I’m going to go back today and get food and medical supplies, if I don’t get arrested.” Sandmonkey’s blog appears to have been suspended.


  • Is anyone really surprised by how these idoits in charge are acting and placing demands. It’s almost like they caused it and still want to control/manage the situation. Honestly like a bunch of school yard bullies…

  • Nobody in DC has any business telling any other country what they should do, especially since they are not taking care of business at home, once they address the major issue at hand, that being eligibility, than and only than do they have any credibility to speak about what is happening elsewhere.

    • I agree, Kathy.

      I think it would behoove the United States to mind its own business and keep its nose out of every other nation’s business.

      The United States doesn’t exactly shine an exemplary light of high morals and virtues at home these days, much less around the world.

      The U.S. has absolutely no business telling other nations what to do and when to do it. If the U.S. had learned this lesson a long time ago, the Americans wouldn’t be having so much trouble in the Middle East today. If I had more time and space, I’d go into a little historical rant of how the U.S. screwed up in monumental proportions when choosing the dictators for Iran and Iraq around 1979.

      Let the Middle Eastern countries solve their own problems and, furthermore, stop sending foreign aid to these countries and stop funding these uprisings.

      As soon as I heard there was an outbreak of trouble in Tunisia and Egypt I told my friends “that has the CIA’s fingerprints on it”. In recognition of the Agency’s 62-year-old history, it is probably funding and fueling the opposition to remove Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The Agency has set itself up time after time in history as the master, and as far as I can tell the Agency was lacking in intelligence and could never understand the problem, much less solve it.

      Nothing Senators Kerry and McCain do surprises me, though. But, instead of worrying about the rights for Egyptians to assemble freely and to express their opinions, I think it would behoove these two ineffectual, politically-correct commissars to brush off their own doorstep first.

      They should pay closer attention to making sure they respect and uphold the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution in order to keep the American people free and to never vote for an anticonstitutional law.

      What really jars me is to read that “the Senate passed the resolution by unanimous consent Thursday night.” That means everybody! At least everybody who was present.

      That may mean I have to lose respect for every senator. Where are their brains? Parked at the door? Do these senators even understand the problems, the culture, the history of Egypt? I seriously doubt it. They’re grandstanding in an effort to garner favorable public opinion.

      For these two key senators to offer and pass a resolution Feb. 3rd that calls for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to hand over power to a caretaker government reminded me immediately of WWII when Germany occupied northern France where a puppet government was set up and run by the French in Vichy…all find and dandy… except the president and cabinet had to march to the tune of Nazi rules.

      Jeez! Time for me to go visit the WTF Cat.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I’m not surprised that Obama, Kerry and McCain are backing the radical Muslim Brotherhood in their attempt to turn Egypt into another Iran. Our current politicians are nothing but a bunch of worthless scumbags who won’t stop until we are a bunch of Communist drones being governed by Sharia law.

    Allah Akbar Comrades

  • I’m sure no one in Egypt gives a hoot what Kerry and McCain think. They may as well take their resolution to an outhouse and hang it on a spindle in case of toilet paper shortage. And since Lindsey Graham has signed on he would make a nice courier to make the delivery.

    What makes these goons think they have the right to give any advice to Mubarak, when they can’t even half-way do the job they’re being paid to here at home. It is a wonder that they are not faced with the same situation here in America due to the fact that they have enabled the usurper to turn our own country upside down.

    Instead of giving advice to other countries they’d better get on the ball and try to correct the problems we have in our own homeland.

    • Nope, this will just serve to piss them off even more. I’m an American and I am saying “How Dare They?” According to the article from TheHill, all of the senators voted for this, but I cannot find a record of the resolution on the Senate Roll Call Votes page. Funny huh?

  • They need to MTOB. This is all staged. 250,000 revolting people out of 80 million CAN”T kick out a leader. This is such a bogus false flag. Those revolting are HIRED thugs that come in all flavors just like we witnessed at the 2008 primaries and since then.

  • What the hell did Obama promise McCain in their “One on One”??

    And why is the US staging a coup in Egypt? They are our allies, for heaven’s sake!

    And how can Hillary Clinton be a part of this? She is close friends with the Mubaraks, especially the First Lady, who has done a LOT of work to help women there. And how can Clinton support having the Muslim Brotherhood in the Transitional Gov’t?? WTH??

    Thanks for covering this, DT – my head’s been abt to explode over what our government is doing.

    I have lost all respect for McCain. I thought he was an honorable man. He is not.

  • I lost respect for ALL the asswipes in D.C. long ago. They couldn’t give a damn what’s going on in our own country. They want a NWO and will do just about any crazy thing to see it happen. We need to get rid of all the shitbirds in D.C.and start over will new rules, the first being 1) Keep our noses out of other Nations business, and take care of our own. And tell all the other nations, you’re on your own, we will not be the world’s army,police, negotiator, broker, or charity outfit.

  • How’s this for an idea:
    What if Kerry and McCain draft a resolution on Monday that calls for American President Barak Hussein Obama to hand over power to a caretaker government.

    Kerry could say, all stakeholders in America must respect human rights.
    He could “urge the parties involved to take every step possible to avoid violence and to respect the rights of the people in America to assemble, to express their rights, to fight for and demonstrate for a transition in their lives and in their country,”

    Gee, do you think these blind-men trying to lead the blind will ever freakin get it before our own country goes down the toilet?

  • red lemur -

    here here,ist sarg you are a man above men and a kindred spirit !when shit finally comes to shove I would like to stand by your side in defience of bullshit!

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