Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: ‘Secret Societies’ (Bohemian Grove)

The History Channel’s series ‘Decoded’ with Brad Meltzer covered the very secretive ‘Bohemian Club’ in Monte Rio, California that holds their two week retreat every July. The grove consists of 2,700 acres, a 2,700 member list with a waiting list of 20,000 individuals including 200 of the most wealthy men in the world. They meet each year for a two week retreat which is kicked off with the ‘Cremation of Care’ ritual. As Brad Meltzer points out in the program, outsiders should not off-handedly try to interpret rituals without context, and I personally don’t find burning an effigy to release your worries as anything dark and ominous. What I do find odd is that the powerbrokers of the world are running around with torches and robes in the middle of a redwood forest at night.  We either are witnessing the richest guys in the world never maturing, or they have indeed corrupted yet another religion.

A short clip and a full length video of Alex Jones’ documentary about the grove follows this episode, and I have also posted Alex Jones’ interview with Brad Meltzer from 1.25.2011.  (BTW, part of Meltzer’s team was arrested for trespassing.)

Decoded with Brad Meltzer: Secret Societies – (Full Length)

Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones (2000, 4 minute clip)

Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones (2000, Full Length)

Brad Meltzer & Alex Jones: Inside The Secrets of Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones Tv 1/2 (1.25.2011)

Brad Meltzer & Alex Jones: Inside The Secrets of Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

By Logistics Monster


  • Thanks for posting the History Channel and Alex Jones videos which have provided me with hours of education and entertainment, plus all those associated bonus videos, especially the 6-part series where the-then ABC show host John Stossel interviewed 2008 presidential candidiate hopeful, Ron Paul, who in my estimation would make a perfect presidential candidate if he had the perfect vice-presidential running mate, maybe his son Rand. That pair could not be swayed by graft and gifts.

    But the Republican Party is too skittish and spineless to run a devoted liberterian. In my not-so-humble opinion, whoever runs a great candidate of substance can reap votes from both sides because the American electorate is hungry for a constitutionalist, someone with principles and conviction.

    Alex Jones is pushing for Mr. Paul to run again in the forthcoming presidential election even though he knows how dangerous it would be because Mr. Paul proposes to abolish the FED, stop meddling in other nations’ business and bring the military home to defend the United States, bring back property rights and remove the power emanating from all those worthless, tax-sucking departments, i.e., education, energy, environment, in D.C. and return the authority of law back to the individual states.

    He wants to repeal a zillion regulations so people can make their own choices of what to ingest in their bodies, what to do with their lives, and let the churches decide who they will marry.

    The only thing I have never heard Mr. Paul or Alex Jones address is for the United States to stop funding the United Nations which is more corrupt than the U.S. federal government elitists (if that’s possible), and pull out of that expensive international monster and put Out of Order the New One World Order Government (or whatever one wants to label it). Canada and the EU would probably follow.

    Oops, I digressed.

    Time to go visit the “Winning The Future” Cat.

      • No, I don’t recall hearing or seeing the remarks in that direction. But knowing these two gentlemen, I can believe it. Thank you for letting me know!

  • the episode georgia guide-stones was not the full truth it was not deep enough, I know the truth so help me god !, how man all men,could be like unto Christ , a mono atomic supper condter found and extracted from a mineral that would all so save man kind from his own destruction I have the formula, and how gave it originally Genesis’s the 2012 disaster will happen but what causes it , a 3600 year orbit of a star , are solar system is a binary system that is shared by another star it is 5 time the size of earth trailing meters, and as it leaves us the earth will flip flop the sun will come up in the west please contact me there is alot more to know to so it will be to late. no lie.

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