As my readers know, I have been recently blessed with full employment which has given me much needed funds to continue preparations, but it has also left me with very little time to do indepth research. A reader sent me the following video of Mike Ruppert of (also of From The Wilderness – many of you may know his work there), which gives a quick overview of the beginnings of the global economic collapse starting with the revolution in Egypt. I have been searching for other financial news stories besides $100 oil, but Egypt and Tunisia have sucked all of the oxygen out of the room. I have confirmed much of what I have found on FTW and find Mr. Ruppert to be a valid source. I do not have time to put up his entire bio, but I urge my readers to watch the vid and check out in the next few days as what he has to say in the video is what I have been seeing for quite some time.  When states and cities go bankrupt, we will have gone over the cliff and the moos are not going to react well to that.  Are you ready?

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