Dr. Paul Connett is a professor of chemistry who was asked by his wife to investigate the ‘fluoride as poison’ issue.  He initially believed the propaganda until he made the decision to do the research and is now appalled by his findings of toxic waste being added to the water, tooth damage in children, and brain damage caused by fluoride.  He has published ‘The Case Against Fluoride’ last October and did this lengthy interview for Alex Jones about the same time.  Readers can find a short bio and a brand new interview with Alex Jones (1.27.2011) following this interview.

Professor Paul Connett: Your Toxic Tap Water – FULL LENGTH

Dr. Paul Connett, a full and tenured professor of chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, where he has taught for 15 years. He obtained his undergraduate degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University and his Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College in the US. For the past 14 years he has researched waste management issues with a special emphasis on the dangers posed by incineration and the safer and more sustainable non-burn alternatives. Dr. Connett has researched fluoride over the last few years and has produced Fluoride: A Statement of Concern.

For more information about the dangers of fluoride and current events pertaining to this poison, check out Fluoride Action Network.

Here is a quote from the following interview that all of us brain-dead fluoridated moos need to consider.  I urge my readers to listen to the entire interview and pass it on to your friends and family.  Wake up people!

“We left motivations to the last chapter in our book, and it’s simply the most difficult chapter to write, trying to understand why people continue this stupid practice which should never have started.  The using the water supply to deliver medication is such a stupid thing to do; you can’t control the dose, you can’t control who gets it, no individual supervision, absolutely crazy from the word go.” – Dr. Paul Connett

Dr. Paul Connett Special: What Fluoride Really Does To Your Body 1/3, 1.27.2011:

Part 2/3:

Part 3/3:

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